Reliable and highly efficient dropzone, in sunny southern Spain

Skydive Spain does not just provide 1-2 twin turbine Dornier permanently - the G92, reaching altitude of 15,000 feet in around 13 minutes. We have also expanded our facilities with shower/toilet block, camping area and hook-up points for mobile homes. Please contact us prior to arrival for arrangement if needed.

Furthermore a great Bar/Restaurant - Cloud 9 - offers a fantastic selection of hot and cold drinks & snacks. Plus a wide selection of alcoholic drinks for your well earned thirst, DVD's, stereo system, large flat-screen TV and free WIFI Internet connection.

Here are some good reasons for choosing Skydive Spain as your Training Center:

  • Large landing area
  • Highest altitude in Europe - 15,000ft
  • Good weather all year round
  • Near several international airports (Sevilla, Jerez, Malaga and Faro)
  • Large Packing area (padded)
  • Qualified on-site Rigger
  • Debriefing rooms with camera docks
  • Large flat-screen TV for debriefs
  • Bar/Restaurant - Cloud 9
  • Creepers, Mock-up area, Shop, Pool, free WIFI Internet and more....

Many of our experienced jumpers come over to Spain for coaching. Our coaches are current and have the latest knowledge giving you the best value for your money. Our huge landing area, quick turnaround and friendly, efficient manifest make Skydive Spain the ideal place to receive coaching. If you want to find out more, please check more info according to your desired discipline in our website or free feel to contact us.


Jump ticket prices from 1st February 2014 are:

Single jump ticket 26,50 € each -
Block of 10 tickets 24,50 € each 245 €
Block of 25 tickets 23,50 € each 587,50 €
Block of 50 tickets 22,50 € each 1125 €
Rig hire; incl. packjob 20,00 € each -
Rig hire 10-jump-package 15,00 € each 150 €
Altimeter OR suit hire 5,00 € per day ID req.
Packjob  5,50 € each -











All jump tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, no matter what the reason you could not use them including bad weather and injury.
Block tickets are for individual use only, they cannot be bought and shared.
All standard jump tickets have no expiry date, although jumps bought as part of an event may have specific conditions different to Skydive Spain normal.

Should you be looking at using Skydive Spain for Team Training, please see our page team training.


Documents required for Check-In

All skydivers will have to bring and show upon checkin/arrival the following documents:

  • Valid skydiving license
  • Proof of third party liability insurance for skydiving (valid for Spain!) (foreign jumpers please make sure the document is readable in English/Spanish)
  • Logbook
  • Gear documents
  • Signed reserve card with valid repack cycle
  • Valid and maintained AAD documents

Furthermore all skydivers will undergo a DZ Briefing, landing area introduction and equipment check by one of our Skydive Spain authorized personnel. Our DZ requirements for checkin as well as membership form can be downloaded here.

We look forward to see you soon in Seville!

Skydive Spain

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