Newsletter April 2010

Skydive Spain is pleased to announce that one of it's fleet of Dornier G92's - a twin turbine aircraft reaching an altitude of 15,000ft in under 13 minutes - is based permanently at Skydive Spain for the spring and summer season.

This month's newsletter was provided by Andrew Lovemore, Skydive Spain resident Freefly Coach, BPA Instructor, IPA Tunnel Coach, British National Winner, Skygod, Cinematographer, The Brains of the EuroSequentials and he's a bit scared of jumping his Velo.

Read on for more of what's been happening at our DZ this month.

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left: Mishka - We miss you! 
right: Mikey C, swooping his Performance Designs Velocity 96

Satori - Skydive Spain's sponsored national champs had to extend their training camp here in April. At Skydive Spain we were completely unaffected by the volcanic ash cloud that disrupted the rest of Europe, and still turning loads.

Italian Job Freestyle

Aaron Faith















Dutch Team, Whooops!

Skydive Spain is an ideal DZ for teams, with our super fast Dornier a 4-way team can achieve 12 jumps by lunchtime and have time to relax in the sun or take a dip in the DZ pool.

Whooops were here training alongside Satori and were coached by the infamous Gary, pictured here on Andy Lovemore's XT Yamaha. (Before it broke - hehehe!)

Gary Smith with Katie Woods

right: Katie Woods swooping her PD Katana


promotion of the Energy Drink - Monster


We are fortunate to have here at the DZ the uber pilot, Éder Navacerrada Paris.

He has more than 1500 hours on our super fast Dornier. He can turn the aircraft around in 12mins. That's 15,000ft and down 4 times every hour in our 15 place aircraft.




















The Italian Job freestyle team were here training along side the new face of Volare - New team member Fabian Raidel (famous for the 'BLUE STEEL' look below).

Volare are Skydive Spain's sponsored freefly team - National and World Champions. The Freefly teams train at Skydive Spain because they love our aircraft & 15,000ft on every load.








We do not use this aircraft to Skydive!


We would like to say a huge THANK-YOU, FAREWELL & GOOD LUCK to Susie. Susie was our manifester, office girl and all round angel at Skydive Spain for the past few years. The best of luck in your next endeavours!

Hedy - THANK-YOU and GOOD LUCK, Hedy was with us as part of our trainee program here at the DZ. She has now gone to Texel to continue with her skydiving!

Finally a MASSIVE thanks to Pablo 'Dancer' Recalde who was here on work experience - Great job buddy! Pablo can be seen below doing an advertising promotion for Monster Energy Drink!









Katie and Aaron of Team Satori after a day of team training



Tandem Instructor Jacobo exits at 15k

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