Newsletter April 2011

Skydive Spain continues its activity with its own Dornier G92 - a twin turbine aircraft reaching an altitude of 15,000ft in under 13 minutes - it is based permanently at Skydive Spain for the spring and summer season.


Latest News

  Nordic Big Ways a Success

The Nordic Skill Camp organized by Kristian Moxens and Havard Flaat was a big success, the participants were really pleased with all the jumps they did and most of them will come back for the Nordic Head Down Record with the Skywalkers. All the participants have learned a lot and improved their skills in only 21 jumps.

It's time for a Nordic record! All Nordic freeflyers unite and come down to Skydive Spain for an awesome week of big ways and lots of fun. We will have three Dornier G92s flying in formation during the event, aiming for a 42 head down record!!


  Skydive Spain is looking for ground staff

If you like to work in the skydiving industry and consider Skydive Spain as a possible employer, we are always interested to hear about it. We are now looking for ground staff, the job consists of, in principal (but not limited to): DZ accommodation administration, general cleaning, airport shuttle runs, meet and greet customers, DZ controller, aircraft refueller, general DZ gofer. All training provided, if you speak Spanish that could be a bonus but not a requirement. The accommodation will be provided near to DZ. You must have a driving license, commit to a minimum of 1 year and be legal to work in the EU. Does it sound interesting to you and would like to have more information about it? Please contact the general manager Jonno Horne at with your CV.


  Summer DZ Opening Schedule

We have now organized the dates we will be open during the second half of July and throughout August.

Skydive Spain is open 7 days a week up to and including Monday 18th July

Opening days then on are:


Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th

Friday 29th to Sunday 31st


Friday 5th to Sunday 7th

Friday 12th to Sunday 14th

Friday 19th to Sunday 21st

Friday 26th to Sunday 28th

Skydive Spain is open 7 days a week again, starting Friday 2nd September. 


Upcoming Events

          Rebujito FreeFly

07 May: Rebujito returns with it's competition over 3 rounds of 2-way freefly, please arrive by 11am. Your partner for each round will be drawn completely at random. A different sequence of compulsory moves will be drawn for each round (only belly, back and sit fly). You and your partner gain one point each time you correctly perform a move in the order they are drawn. There will be an entry fee of 10€ per person which will be awarded to the individual with the highest score at the end of the competition. The winner buys the Rebujitos..! During the competition you will need to cover your slot plus 1/2 the camera slot.  Total cost after entry fee is 30€ + 3 JTs.


    TrackDayz with Jim Harris

14 May - 15 May: Another event with Jim Harris organizing some fab tracking dives the whole weekend long. Load organizing is FREE, just pay your own slot, minimum group size is 4 + Jim. Some experience of tracking in a group is required. Watch the footage from November's event: YouTube Link

Contact us for more info about the event, and also let us know if you are interested to join the event on

   Hypoxic Birds with Pablo Rúa

21 May - 22 May: All jumps from 15.000ft (4.600m), more than 2 minutes flying, enough time to improve your flying skills in organized jumps, formation, coaching 1-on-1, etc. And the best part ..... it's all for FREE!! Only pay for your slot in the plane and the slot of the organizer or coach!! Email if you are interested.



    $kySaver Week

6 May - 20 May:
Skydive Spain offers a fantastic opportunity for all jumpers off student status, to get 15,000 feet for only 21 € per jump, no matter how many tickets you buy and coaching tickets at 68€. Or, book a 10-jump FS or FF coached course and receive kit hire for those jumps absolutely free..! Tickets only valid during the specified dates and cannot be carried over, so simply buy as many as you need. If this is your idea of fun, send us a quick email to to let us know you're coming. We look forward to seeing you in sunny Seville soon..!


     30% OFF on Summer Buffs

As sometimes the spring surprises us with some very warm weather as well as with some cold weather, we were thinking of you therefore we invite you to visit our shop and buy your Skydive Spain, now with a 30% off ... the best way to remember us wherever you go!


    "Summer Sale" in the Shop

The hot summer days are beginning again. Start buying your summer clothing and accessories now. Our shop offers a great sale where you can purchase all remaining "Skydive Spain" T-Shirts with different designs, such as altimeter, beer logos etc. for only 6€ per item.  This promotion ends May 31, 2011 and is only available for the existing colors and sizes still in stock. Come in and have a look around!


Video of the month

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