Newsletter July 2011

Skydive Spain continues jumping with our own Dornier G92 - a twin turbine aircraft reaching an altitude of 15,000ft in under 13 minutes - The Dornier is based permanently at Skydive Spain.


Latest News

    Summer Opening Dates

We would like to remind all of you that for a very short period this summer we are closed Monday 01 until Wednesday 24 August.

From Thursday 25 August and onwards we are open 7 days a week from 9am until sunset.

Please let us know before you come to help us make your trip as successful as possible.

Tandem Skydives and AFF Courses require pre-booking to secure availability. 

We look forward to your visit!

Few changes at Skydive Spain

We will have a new member of the admin staff starting working with us from September. She will be mainly working from the DZ based in the office and manifest. We are also very proud to announce that we have two new tandem instructors at Skydive Spain. Our very own Flo Craciun and Ed Roscoe completed their tandem ratings with the Instructors Academy at the start of July, they have both completed about 20 tandem jumps each. We are looking forward to our new season when we will start with few changes at our centre, as always we are looking at improving our facility so that we can offer you a better service every time you come to visit us.


Upcoming Event

   Oleé... Scramble!

04 Sep: A fun 1-day competition of FS 3-way.  Entry fee is 30 €, which is 10 € to the winner's pot, and 20 € paid for your share of the camera person's slot.

The event will start at 10am to find out the team members for round one and explain the formations to be flown.  Each team must choose their name.  Then each team will be assigned a camera person and the team leader manifests.  After all teams have completed their jump, the groups gathers for round two team members to be picked.  Each round you change your team mates.

A judge will watch all the videos and award points for each complete formation on the skydive.  The object is to complete at least 3 formations, win 3 points, per skydive.  After all 3 rounds, the jumper with the most points at the end of the competiion goes home with the winner's pot..!

It couldn't be simpler, get involved..!  Send us an email with your name, number of jumps and if you will need kit hire to

TrackDayz with Jim Harris

10 Sep - 11 Sep: Another event with Jim Harris organising some fab tracking dives the whole weekend long. Load organising is FREE, just pay your own slot, minimum group size is 4 + Jim. Some experience of tracking in a group is required. Watch the footage from November's event: 

YouTube Link

Contact us for more info about the event, and also let us know if you are interested to join the event on

      Canopy Piloting 3-days Basic Course

30 Sep - 02 Oct: Do you want to land your canopy with confidence, no matter what the wind conditions? Jim Harris will take you through the secret tips you never knew existed..! All Jumps are filmed and debriefed to give you that knowledge you need to survive under canopy. Contact the DZ via email or call the office UK office 0113 2505600.



      $kySaver Week

05 - 09 Sept: Skydive Spain offers a fantastic opportunity for all jumpers off student status, to get 15,000 feet for only 21 € per jump, no matter how many tickets you buy and coaching tickets at 68 €. Or, book a 10-jump FS or FF coached course and receive kit hire for those jumps absolutely free..! We have selected SkySaver midweek dates throughout the year for you to take advantage of this deal. Tickets only valid during the specified dates and cannot be carried over, so simply buy as many as you need. If this is your idea of fun, send us a quick email to to let us know you're coming.


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