Newsletter March 2010

Skydive Spain is pleased to announce that one of it's fleet of Dornier G92's - a twin turbine aircraft reaching an altitude of 15,000ft in under 13 minutes - is based permanently at Skydive Spain for the spring and summer season.

This month's newsletter was provided by Andrew Lovemore, Skydive Spain resident Freefly Coach, BPA Instructor, IPA Tunnel Coach, British National Winner, Skygod, Cinematographer, Builder, The Brains of the EuroSequentials, Holder of great BBQ's, Owner of 2005 Opel Vitara & 2001 Yamaha XT600, a bit scared of jumping his Velo, DZ Manager, rider of bicycles backwards and player of the guitar.

Read on for more of what's been happening at our DZ this month.

Photo News

Euro Sequentials - the greatest freeflyers EVER to come to Skydive Spain!

Skydive Spain hosted this March the first event of it's kind in Europe: THE EUROSEQUENTIALS!!

The event was put together by DZ Manager Andy Lovemore and saw Europe's best freeflyers putting together some very impressive sequential skydives. Led by Fabian Raidel & Mikey Carpenter.



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