Newsletter November 2009

Skydive Spain is pleased to announce that one of it's fleet of Dornier G92's - a twin turbine aircraft reaching an altitude of 15,000ft in under 13 minutes - is based permanently at Skydive Spain for the spring and summer season.

This month's newsletter was provided by Jonno Horne, Skydive Spain resident FAA Master Rigger, BPA Rigger, USPA and BPA AFF, Static Line, Tandem and IAD Instructor. BPA and USPA FS Coach and Canopy Coach. USPA S&TA. JAA private pilot. Cycling proficiency holder. 100m Swimming badge.

Read on for more of what's been happening at our DZ this month.

Photo News updated 30.11.09

Welcome to the November newsletter from Skydive Spain. This month we have several events planned, along with lots of fun jumpers, AFF students and Tandem jumpers.

We have the monster Dornier G92, 15 place twin turbine aircraft that takes 12 minutes to 15,000ft (4600m) ready and waiting for you.

We also have our first customers from Greenland, Lars and Dan onto the AFF course.

The start of this month is the end of a large Norwegian visit. But we only have to wait for the Christmas boogie before we are inundated with Viking skydivers yet again..! (skol) We will also be welcoming Kristian Moxnes and Havard Flaat from the world famous Skywalkers to our freefly load organising team.

Bollullos XXL our home 4 way team will be training several times this month. And the Feada championships.


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