Find here our accepted payment methods and all of our prices!

Accepted Payment Methods at Skydive Spain:

  • Cash (only currency: Euro)
  • Credit/Debit card* (Visa, Mastercard, Electron, Euro 6000; we do not accept American Express or Diners Club)
  • Bank transfer national (for reservation deposits only)
    Bank: LA CAIXA
    Account Name: SKYDIVE SPAIN
    Account Number: 2100-2681-40-0210117306
  • Bank transfer international:
    Bank: LA CAIXA
    IBAN: ES70 2100 2681 400210117306
  • PayPal Service
We do not accept personal cheques or travelers cheques
*) our prices reflect a cash payment discount, for payments made with credit/debit cards there will be 3% admin fee added.

Price List from February 2017

Tandem Skydive

Gold Tandem Skydive from 15,000 feet 235,00€
Platinum Tandem Skydive 15,000 ft + Video & Photos on USB 335,00€
- Video & Photos on USB bought separately - 110,00€

Tandem Skydive Discounts */**:

Monday-Friday (except festival days): -20€
Students /active Military (ID proof required): -20€
Groups of 5 to 9 pax: -10€
Groups of 5 to 9 pax - Midweek: -20€
Groups of 10 to 19 pax: -20€
Groups of 20 pax or more: -25€
2nd tandem within 6 months of 1st tandem jump -30€
*) Discounts are not accumulative.
**) Discounts are not valid for participating agencies or collaborators.


AFF Course Packages

All AFF courses include equipment.

AFF Gold
(AFF Tandem, L1-8, goggles, logbook, manual)
AFF Platinum
(AFF Tandem, L1-8, 10x Consol, goggles, logbook, manual)
AFF Expert
(AFF Tandem, L1-8, 12 x consol, 5 x FS coached jumps, USPA A licence briefs & aplication)
Residential 7 day Course
(7 nights accommodation, Seville airport transfers, daily DZ transfers.)
See here page for Residential Course dates
course + 229,00 €

Equipment Rental

Rig hire per jump (incl. pack job) 20,00€
Block of 10 rig hire (incl. pack kob) 150,00€
Altimeter Rental
(n/a when part of a course)
Tandem rig hire per jump (advance booking only - incl. pack job) 50,00€
Sport pack job 6,00€

Licenced Skydivers

All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable but have no expiry date.
Block tickets are for individual use only, they cannot be shared.
Coaching jumps do not include equipment rental, except wingsuits.

Single jump ticket 27,50€
Block of 10 tickets (26,10€/slot) 261,00€
Block of 25 tickets (25,30€/slot) 632,50€
$ky$aver Week jump ticket          24,80€

Coached Skydives - FS/FF

Single coached skydive 1-on-1 81,00€
10-jump coached package  1-on-1 792,00€
BPA FS1 coached package - 10 jumps 874,50€
BPA FF1 coached package - 15 jumps 1.183,00€

Canopy Piloting Coaching

Icarus Course, 2 days (incl. 8 jumps) 383,60€

Wingsuit Coaching

Introduction 1-jump course
(per person, incl. jump tickets and suit rental)
Coaching 10-jump package
(5x 1-on-1 and 5x solos, incl. jump tickets and suit rental)
WS coaching 1-on-1 per jump                 96,00€
Wingsuit hire - per jump                 15,00€
Wingsuit hire - per day 75,00€

Team Training

25+ team jumps  24,80€/slot
50+ team jumps  24,20€/slot
Team pack job
(arranged in advance - all team member use packers) 

Packing Lesson

2 to 4 hours packing lesson
*(pre-booked) only midweek days
100,00€ + rig usage

Skydiver Insurance 2017

FEADA 1-month coverage (third party liability/accident) 68,00€
FEADA 3-months coverage (third party liability/accident) 84,00€
FEADA 6-months coverage (third party liability/accident) 128,00€
FEADA 1-Year coverage (till 31 Dec. 3rd party liability/accident) 142,00€