Discover the discipline of formation skydiving!

If you are beginner or experienced skydiver and no matter what learning goals you might have, Skydive Spain will give you the needed attention, experience and knowledge. Our Coaches Team can train you with the best know-how, equipment and infrastructure while combining enjoyable atmosphere, high quality and safety. All this will round up your successful training.

Our FS Coaches are available all year round and can be booked per jump or the10-FS-Coaching package, excluding rig hire.

If you are interested in the BPA Qualification FS1

Our FS1 package will be the course for you:
It includes instruction on forwards & backwards movement, side-sliding, swooping down to a formation, safety in formations, how to put together a formation skydive, 90's, 180's & 360 degree turns using your legs, slow and fast fall, tracking away from the formation and altitude awareness in formations.

Ten coached jumps with full debrief and coaches video on USB:

  • Eight 1-on-1 jumps
  • one 3-way jump
  • one 4-way jump

Do not worry if you are from another country which recognizes a different qualification. We can still provide you with training and inside video footage. This will give evidence to your instructors back home that you are worthy of qualifications relevant to your country.

Single Coached Skydive  1-on-1 81,00€
10-jump Coached Package  1-on-1 792,00€
BPA FS1 Coached Package 874,50€

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