What a first time skydive looks like at Skydive Spain

Posted: 13th March 2017 We just love seeing these kinds of faces!

25 off on Tandem Platinum!

Posted: 12th March 2017

Pics from last few days

Posted: 11th March 2017

Boarding call!

Posted: 10th March 2017

Flying tip with Johannes Bergfors

Posted: 2nd February 2017 If you're on the outside turn of an angle skydive, here's how you fly it like a machine!

More epicness from the Skydive Spain Christmas Boogie! 2016

Posted: 2nd January 2017 Holidays are the best when you're jumping from 15,000 feet of altitude.

Christmas Boogie is on!!

Posted: 27th December 2016

October monthly video is out!

Posted: 11th November 2016

September Skydiving in Spain: Monthly Skydive Video!

Posted: 6th October 2016 Check out all of the action here at Skydive Spain during September 2016

August monthly video is ready!

Posted: 5th September 2016

Save 25 on your tandem skydive!

Posted: 2nd September 2016