We offer fulltime and qualified Rigging on-site!

Welcome to Skydive Spain's own full time rigging workshop. We cater for every type of rigging work required. When you come on holiday you probably don't want the added hassle of not knowing if you can get your equipment repaired after an accident or malfunction.

Reserve Repack

When packing a reserve you can use up to 20 different tools to make the pack job easier. One of the most common mistakes when packing a reserve is not having control of every single one of your tools. The problem with this is that it is possible to leave one or several tools inside a packed reserve which could potentially stop the reserve from deploying at all.
With the use of our reserve packing shadow board it is easy to see at the end of a reserve pack job if there are any tools missing. Why not ask your local rigger how they control their reserve packing tools? With Skydive Spain you do not have to worry, you are in safe hands.

Tool Board

Similar to the reserve packing tool board this system makes it impossible for us to not notice any of our rigging tools are missing. As you can see we have allot of various tools for all kinds of repairs. We like to think that there is not allot that we cannot fix, from parachutes to camera helmets to bicycles.


At the workshop we have every type of machine needed for maintenance, repairs and rebuilds of your parachute equipment. Several straight stitch machines for canopy and container repairs, a powerful zigzag machine for reinforcement, a twin needle for twin stitching and binding, a harness machine for harness repairs, adjustments or replacements and an over locker for jumpsuit manufacture or repairs.
Bring your camera helmet and cameras, our riggers will be happy to set the system up for you. 

Hanging Bar

It is a lot easier to inspect reserve and main canopies using this bar as it lifts the canopy to head height. With the canopy lifted up you can crearly see the material allot clearer to check for any problems or possible repairs. On one side of the canopy we have an inspection light and if you look from the other side any holes, rips or tears are very easy to identify.
For more information please contact our booking office: info@skydivespain.com or (34)955.766.056.

Make sure you leave your equipment with a Qualified Rigger for a reserve repack and that you receive the following as a bare minimum. Remember that any service on your equipment will have to last you 6 months, many jumps and rough conditions. In the end it might end up saving your life. At Skydive Spain you get the full service and much more.
  • Complete harness, container and deployment system inspection.
  • Complete reserve canopy inspection.
  • Both reserve and main closure loops replaced.
  • Certified reserve repack in controlled environment.
  • Cutaway system inspected, lubricated and serviced.
  • Three ring maintenance.
  • Free comprehensive equipment advice.

Please feel free to contact us for further details of the rigging services.  Should you need your reserve repacking at the beginning of your holiday, be sure to email us in advance to make al the arrangements so you do not miss out on any jumping.

Freefly Tubes

As well as repairs and reserve repacks Skydive Spain's rigging workshop also manufactures various other items upon request. Such as Freefly tubes. The basic price for a freefly tube is 300 Euros, this is a 7 metre tube with its own deployment bag for easy use. If you want it foot mounted that's no problem. Any lettering down the tube needs to be quoted separately just email us for your own personal quote.
Mark Owen of Funshineboogie.com fame orders 2 tubes to promote the Funshine Boogies. Both tubes are 6 meters long and have Funshineboogie.com written down the sides.

Mikey Carpenter of Volare says: "These are the easiest tubes I have ever used. They have super comfortable  handles, great deployment bag for easy handling in the AC and on exit. And just the right size not to cause me any problems on deployment."

Giant Bean Bags

Generally used as sofas our workshop offers these giant 3 person bean bags. They come standard with inside and outside covers so you can take the outside cover off and wash it. The outside cover has a zip protector so no more broken zips when they are rubbed on the ground.
If you are interested in having your own tailor made bean bag for a very low price feel free to contact us here at Skydive Spain for further information.

Deluxe malfunction Harness

If it's realistic you want for your students then the deluxe malfunction harness is for you. The deluxe malfunction harness is designed from the ground up to give your students an ideal, realistic training tool. The harness is the same as a normal skydiving harness with all the correct hardware (legstrap, chest strap and large rings). This gives the student a chance to practice fitting and wearing a harness during the ground school period. All of the harness is joined with harness thread the same as a normal harness so you can also suspend your student for added realism.

Our deluxe malfunction harnesses comes in three different sizes (small, medium and large) so no longer is it a case of, one size fits all. You can have a harness that fits your student the way their own parachute will.

One of the problems with dummy malfunction harnesses is that the Velcro holding the cut away pad and reserve handle in place gets worn out with use.
However with our harnesses we have made the Velcro on both sides very easy to change and very rigger friendly. Fortunately you won't have to incur in any extra charges when the Velcro needs replacing.

If you remove the cut away pad and reserve handle this Malfunction vest now becomes a perfect tunnel training harness. Your student can wear it in a wind tunnel without the worry of anything falling off. On the rear of the Deluxe malfunction harness is a foam padded block to represent the back of the parachute. On the BOC (bottom of container) is the toggle of either a ripcord or a throwaway pilot chute. The toggle is attached to the container via a retractable length of elastic, when your student practices pulling the toggle and when released, it returns to it original location. This saves valuable time when teaching a large group of students.

Malfunction Vests

Do you own your own instructional school? Do you want to have a walk around harnesses for your students to practice their emergency procedures?
Our vests come with a cut away pad and a reserve handle. They are designed with easy to replace Velcro so when your students wear them out your rigger won't charge you a lot to repair them. These vests are fully adjustable with side and back adjustment points to fit any body shape.

Weight Belts

Skydive Spain weight belts come with 10lbs of weight in 5 pouches. The belt is fastened with 2 secure clips around your waist. And the weight is held in the belt with 2 inch Velcro, so no more broken zips and super secure weight.
Don't forget that Skydive Spain keeps 35 lead filled weight pouches here for people to borrow during their visits. Using our weight pouches means that you don't have to bring your own lead and incur extra baggage costs. If you want to use our weight pouches during your visits please make sure speak to our office before your trip.