Charity Jumps

Raise money for charity doing skydiving!Charity Tandem Skydiving not only provides the experience of a lifetime, but is an exciting way to raise money for a good cause at the same time. Many people have raised thousands of €uros and £pounds for charities over the years. We can help by offering advice and the necessary forms to enable you to raise the money. Many charities approve of some subsidy of training costs and this should be clarified at an early stage.

How much does is cost?

Absolutely nothing!
All it takes it a bit of time and effort to collect enough sponsorship and you can skydive for free. Some of the money that you raise will go to the charity and some of the money will go towards paying for the tandem skydive.
We ask that you raise at least double the cost of the jump.
We highly recommend that you take the Video and Photos package to remember your experience and to show all your sponsors your achievement.  This payment has to be paid by you directly and NOT the charity money.
Of course if you plan to pay for the entire skydive out of your own pocket yourself, then all the money you raise goes to the charity. There is no minimum amount which needs to be raised.

Can I fundraise for my own charity?

Absolutely yes. We have links with some charities in the UK, Gibraltar and Costa del Sol, however we understand that some customers have their own causes which are close to their heart. Simply notify us of the name and registered charity number of your chosen charity when you book.
Our sister centre in the UK has strong links with the following UK charities:

How to choose a date for the jump?

When booking a date it is best to choose a date approximately 4 months in advance, meaning 3 months for promotion/advertising and collecting the deposits which need to be paid 1 month before the event as it is likely to be a group booking. The reason we need the details and deposits 1 month before the event date is because we are holding that date for your group, and will not be taking regular bookings.  If by 1 month before you have not go the numbers we had anticipated, then we have a month to fill some of the now available places.

We require groups to arrive early and promptly on the day of the jump, this is due to the amount of paperwork, checking-in and briefing that is necessary for a whole group.  If we cannot start early, we lose a lot of very important jumping time.

There is of course the option to come to Seville the night before and stay in some recommended accommodation.  We have links, and therefore discounts, for some self-catering apartments varying from 15-25 mins away from the airfield.  By arriving the evening before and staying locally, the group can wake-up and leave straight for the airfield to be able to get to us on time.
We have a cafe/bar on site, so grabbing a coffee and some breakfast here - after the checking-in and briefing - will be fine once the jumping begins.  The group can then watch each other jumping.  Usually we will be taking 2-4 tandem customers in the aircraft at one time, but this is all dependant on the number of your group wanting the DVD and Photos package and of course instructor and equipment availability.  We can never guarantee the number of jumpers on each flight, but if you arrive with a list and the order the people want to jump, it helps us to do our best for your experience here with us.
The arrival times to the airfield is very important to group bookings, if you arrive late the chance of not completing all the jumps is higher.  It should also be taken into consideration that if the Chief Instructor stops jumping for safety reasons, this cannot be contested and the jumps left to be made will have to be re-booked for another day, no refunds can be made.  It is very important that all the jumpers in your group are aware of the situation.

Charity Events 

If you would like to schedule a charity skydive event we will work around your availability and numbers, just contact the office.

These are some of the charities that have hosted a skydiving event with us in the last few years:
  • Royal British Legion
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • 4 Paws Adoption
  • SIS Integral Yoga Gibraltar
  • Positively Pink
  • Help for Heroes
  • Tomas Leighton Care
  • We Are Macmillan. Cancer support
  • Positively Pink

How do I book?

You can email us and provide us with the following information:
  • Preferred date
  • Your age, weight and height so we can check they are within the restrictions
  • If you require the Video & Photo package
  • Contact mobile number
  • The charity you are fundraising for, their registered charity number, a name and contact email/phone number.

Pay a deposit of 30€ per person to secure your place.

On arrival to the dropzone you will need to pay the remaining balance of the jump directly to us. You will also need to show proof of contact to the charity and that they are aware of your event, or show proof of a account.

Tips for collecting sponsorship money

For those of you who have not participated in charity events before, we would recommend that you read the following list of tips. They will show you some of the more unusual ways to gather funds.
  • Some of our supporters comment that collecting up the money is harder than taking part in the event itself! To prevent this, try getting people to give you cheques post-dated to shortly after the event date (but no more than six months), as soon as they have pledged to sponsor you.
  • Always carry a pen and sponsorship form with you, even if you are not expecting to find a person who might agree to sponsor you.
  • Give sponsorship forms to friends, family, workplaces and get them out raising sponsor money on your behalf. You can even ask them to set a target to raise a set figure each.
  • Ask your employers to match your sponsorship €uro for €uro / £pound for £pound, that way you raise twice the amount and your employers can get some brilliant publicity - get them to get in touch with the press. We have worked with journalists and TV crews on many occasions.
  • Invite other people to come and do a parachute jump with you. Having your small team jump with you adds a lot to moral support and the impact against your charity.
  • Decide a definite date when you plan to jump. People giving money to charity want to know when the happy event will be and it shows them you have actions behind your convictions. Book the course before you start collecting.
  • Get your closest friends / manager to sponsor you the highest amounts. This helps to set an example as to the level of sponsorship you are trying to attract.
  • Understand the jump before you start collecting. This helps to paint a picture to potential sponsors of what you will actually achieve. You can take a print out of our information web page on Tandem parachuting.
  • Contact your local press, using our PR tips. People who know you or know of you may get in touch and support you.
  • Do you belong to any clubs or groups? Have a chat with some of your fellow members and see what ideas you can come up with together.
  • Set a personal sponsorship target to raise and tell people how much you are aiming for.
  • Visit the website of your chosen charity and get some facts on who you are supporting. Present the case of the charity to your prospective sponsors with quotes such as ... "your money will go towards xxxx"
  • Write to local companies asking for their support - address letters to the Chairman or Managing/ Marketing Director. Again, try to make it humorous, it will stand out more.
  • If you are self-employed, your clients might respond to a respectful letter asking them to support you.
  • Invest some money in a prize and hold a raffle/ competition at work and put the proceeds towards your sponsorship amount.

Is the tandem skydive really for free?

It may seem to you that your charity tandem skydive is for free. In fact, it is being paid for by the people you approach for sponsorship. It is important to recognise this when requesting funds from them as the last thing they want to perceive is that you are extracting money for your own ends.
Therefore, let them know that by doing such a challenging event, you are raising a far higher total for the charity than by doing an event such as a sponsored run or cycle ride.
Host your tandem skydive charity event with Skydive Spain.
Fun and a good cause combined make a great combination!