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“Well organised, coaching available in every possible language, international team, great weather and atmosphere... I'll be back next Xmas!!!”
Matthieu P
“Amazing instructors, brilliant manifest girls, fantastic ground crew, super helpful office staff, great bar, friendly vibe, cool people. What more could you ask for. I have worked through the AFF course, 10 consol jumps and now done a bunch of FS solo jumps. All the guys and girls at Skydive Spain have been fantastic and so supportive the whole way through. This will be my home DZ from now on! Thanks all. Gareth.”
Gareth O
“Wow. It was just wow! The staff was one of the best in the world. So jolly and friendly. Would go there again if I ever visit Seville.”
“Never normally bother with reviews but felt it necessary on this occasion.. I did a tandem in the UK back in 2015 and knew immediately I wanted more. Skydive Spain was recommend to me not just for the glorious weather where you can crack on and bang it out (rather than waiting around for the UK weather to play ball) but also for the fantastic instructors and overall slick operation. I've been back since for my FS1 and again for a canopy course with Cedric Veiga Rios which was so informative and in my view a must for anymore who's completed their A licence. Call me a a fair weather skydiver but due to work commitments I'd rather jump on a plane to Seville for 4 or 5 days of jumping in the sun than spend time waiting for weather conditions to improve at a UK DZ. Book flights in advance and its cheap as chips!”
Mark D
“It was ours first dive and we all were really scared and excited to do this. Infect The feeling before jump is really scary and exciting. Trust me guys once you jump out the feeling is amazing and don't worry I am sure you ll not be scared. Just one tip as you jump don't open the mouth because of the high speed almost 150-200km/h your mouth will be very dry. Even I felt dizziness but once the parachute opens, you ll be relaxed and the view is amazing from top. Guys go for it, it's worth experience. About the team, they are really helpful and they are charging more money for video because one extra person is jumping with you in different parachute just to take your video. I would recommend them to make video clip buy longer. I will definitely go next time again for jump. Guys go for it trust me the experience is amazing.”
“Back to skydiving after 17 years ... Did my AFF course, Armando was my ground instructor Sooo helpful "The king of speed" watch him land. Roberto (Saddie) was my main instructor ( my boss for life ) I can not as with all the staff here say enough good things about him and them , but just a look and a typical Italian hand gesture let me know i could of done it better. Cederick the Big ( french ) Cheese ... If this man pulls you to one side to give you advice.. listen... He will forget more than you will ever learn in skydiving. The office girls.. Jeralee and ladies will sort out your mistakes ( only on the ground ) and not forgetting the packers Akim, Gustavo, Aldo and sooo many more. These people will help and advise you around the DZ and where and what to do off the DZ.. I have booked my flights for October and November.. This is my new home and i will return to my new found family.”
Richard B

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