Progression Courses

The Next Step After AFF

What Are Progression Courses?

The Progression Courses are designed for those of you who have completed the AFF course and now want to be able to jump along with your friends. The courses are tailor-made for skydivers with less than 50 jumps (although not limited to) with one principle goal: the ability to jump safely in a FS 4way. A lot of instructors are too busy to be able to offer the mandatory BPA B-Licence and USPA A-Licence briefs; spotting, responsibilities of a jumpmaster, introduction to the operations manual, flight-line checking, basic packing, inspection and fault finding of a a ram air parachute and canopy handling theory. If you have experienced this problem on your home DZ, this course is for you!

Coaching your FS progression resulting in you gaining your FS1*

If you already have your FS1 but need all the other briefings/thoery lessons, the value of money for the FS1 course can be converted to 11x FF 1-on-1 coached jumps.

We have Progression & FS combined courses planned specifically chosen over a weekend so that you take as few days off work as possible, to make a 7 day trip. Important: Look for flights to and from Seville. Ideally an evening arrival flight and departure flight.

Progression Week Prices

*NOTE: Please be sure your flights are in the evenings.  We have specific hours we are able to offer the pick-up and drop-off services, if you are out of hours, a taxi will be arranged for a small extra charge.

Progression + USPA 5 x Coach 635,00€
Progression + USPA 5 x coach + Residential package 864,00€
Progression + FS1 course
does not include accommodation or transport
Progression + FF1 course
does not include accommodation or transport
Progression + FS1 course + Residential package* 1.333,50€
Progression + FF1 course + Residential package* 1.642,00€

Course Dates 2018

Progression Week | Feb

February 20-28

Price Based on Package Choice

Progression Week | April

April 24-30

Price Based on Package Choice

Progression Week | June

June 19-25

Price Based on Package Choice

Progression Week | July

July 17-23

Price Based on Package Choice

Progression Week | Sep

September 18 - 24

Price Based on Package Choice

Progression Week | Nov

Nov 20-27

Price Based on Package Choice

What Do You Get For The Money?

  • Free refresh for people who have not jumped in some time (email us to find out if you are unsure about this)
  • Shared accommodation for 7 nights (Monday to Sunday inclusive)
  • Transfers from and to Seville´s Airport
  • All daily transport, to and from the DZ everyday
  • All the briefs required for a BPA B-Licence/USPA A-Licence given by an instructor
  • Rig hire for 10 jumps (altimeter hire is free but a form of ID is required eg. passport).
  • 10 coached FS jumps. 8 of the jumps are 1-on-1s (just you and the coach) then a 3 way with another experienced FS jumper and then a qualifying 4 way with your coach and 2 more experienced FS jumpers.
  • CH2/Canopy Handling safety brief, written test and briefed and observed on the 5 pre declared accuracy landings.
  • Taught how to carry out your CH2/Canopy Handling practical exercises e.g.increasing the range of your canopy and rear riser turns.

“Now that’s what I call progression! What an amazing experience; I haven’t stopped smiling yet!

Jo Whiting

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