Flying Tip: Head Up Exit

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Event coming up & a new flying tip with Rene Terstegen!

Hola skydivers. We’ve got a challenge for our freefly skydivers: head up stand exit. Not sure how to nail it? No problem, Rene Terstegen is featured in our latest flying tip, showing you how to stand up like a pro.


Stand up exit with Rene Terstegen from Skydive Spain – Skydive in Spain! from Swallow Group on Vimeo.


We are going to have a busy April, so if you’re looking make a lot of jumps on your visit, shoot our booking office an email and we can let you know the busiest days we’re flying so you can jump as much as you want. Booking office email is

Check out the upcoming events at Skydive Spain.

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20-21 Formation Weekend

We hope to see you soon!
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