Halloween weekend tandem special

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

What do you think about combining the unforgettable experience of your first tandem skydive and Halloween?

We want to celebrate Halloween with a great weekend of skydiving while we all dressed as our favorite characters, superheros or whatever may inspire us!

Come with your costume on the weekend of the 29th to the 31st of October and you will get a 20€ discount on your tandem skydive! You will be entitle to the discount whether you can jump with it on or not. Costumes will have to meet our safety standards (see below) to be able to be worn during the tandem skydive.

Remember, you will be jumping from a staggering 15.000 ft., which will give you a full minute of free-fall reaching a speed of 120mph, so your costume must meet the following safety regulations:

  1. We highly recommend that you use the provided jumpsuit for your jump.  This means that your costume should be large enough to go over the top of the jumpsuit, still allowing freedom of movement, most importantly, that you can bend and lift your legs for landing.  The jumpsuit we provide is there to protect you and your normal clothes on landing, the landings are not always on your feet, depending on the wind conditions.  If the costume you bring is not large enough to safely wear a jumpsuit underneath, you may still jump, accepting the risks of doing so.  We want you to be prepared that we cannot be liable for any damage that occurs to your costume during the skydive and landing.
  2. The costume must minimum of knee length and 3/4 sleeve (covering your elbows).
  3. Bulky accessories, capes and any other items that may come loose during the free-fall, such as magic wands, are not permitted to go with you on the skydive.
  4. Costume masks may be permitted but will have to be revised by the instructor to make sure that can be worn safely during free-fall.
  5. The costume cannot be made of or include rigid parts (metal or otherwise) that could cause injury to you or your instructor.

Please remember, the discount will applicable whether you can jump with your costume or not.  The discount will be applied by the office staff at the skydiving center upon arrival.

If dressing up for Halloween is fun, just imagine how it will be while you freefall at 120mph!

Happy Halloween!!

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