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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Are you going to be at our dropzone soon?

If so, or if you just happen to be in Seville, we would like to offer a plan for an evening in Seville: The Festival de la Naciones, or “Nations Festival”.

The festival goes around the theme of being a meeting place for diverse cultures and a act of solidarity with the third world.

Every year, the Festival de la Naciones takes place at the Prado de San Sebastián, located near the popular Plaza de España, transforms its gardens into a phenomenal open-air stage where you can enjoy a lot of colourful and multicultural shows from more than 50 nations of all around the world.

Tents are set around the venue with a great variaty of gastronomical options. You will be able to find foods from all five continents, so we recommend you get there ready to do some serious food testing.

You will also be able to find international vendors with a lot of different products: Art, jewelery, pastries, decoration ítems and a lot more.



You can check their website and Facebook page for more details.

How to get there?

The venue is located by the Plaza de España.

  • By car: Parking is not easy around the venue. We recommend parking at the public parking located in Puerta de Jerez. You will have a 5 – 10 minute walk to the venue, or you can hop on the tram.
  • By public transportation: There is a tram than runs all the way from the Cathedreal to the venue.



Seville is an incredible medium size city with a lot to offer. In fact, Sevillashas been chosen as the top city destination in 2018 by Lonely Planet. For other things to do in Seville, please visit our blog article Seville: Top destination 2018 by Lonely Planet – Home of Skydive Spain

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