New Europe skydive event! Rebujito: FF and FS Scrambles

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Skydive Spain's classic event with a fresh new twist!

A new Europe skydive event for both formation skydivers and freeflyers!
Rebujitos returns to Skydive Spain with a fresh new twist. Victor Fernandez and Hamish Cameron lead the participants throughout the three pre-established rounds. Participants are competing for prizes including jump tickets, packing tickets and vouchers for the Skydive Spain gear shop. The goal of this event is to get skydivers of every level, both disciplines, jumping together, having a laugh and working on a few skills in a fun setting. Don’t be shy, join us for Rebujitos and come mix it up at Skydive Spain.

First event: 
3 & 4 February
Join here:

How does it work? 
The teams will be drawn before each jump, a camera person will be provided for each team. The event is composed of 3 rounds: 2 pre-set rounds and 1 free round. Victor & Hamish will evaluate and score each participant per round.

The details.  
Registration is 40€ per person per day (includes event organization & share of camera slots for the 3 daily rounds) for this Europe skydive event. Jump: to be purchased on the day of the event or you can use existing block jumps.

1st – 5 Jumps
2nd – 10 packing tickets
3rd – 25€ voucher for Skydive Spain Shop

Come and join us to have a lot of fun and improve your skills!

Each participant will get a USB with the video of their jumps, and Skydive Spain will make a video of the event to be shared on our social media, featuring all participants.

The Rebujito will not be over until we share a few drinks together in the end of the day & a dinner will be organized by Skydive Spain, open to all the participants & friends who wish to join.


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