Special Xmas Boogie raffle prize!

Friday, December 1, 2023


We are giving away a fantastic Xmas Boogie raffle prize where you, and 13 of your friends, get to take the Dornier to 15000ft, and it’s on us! Free slots for you and your friends!

You will be able to choose 14 participants, including yourself, to enjoy a very special 15.000ft jump, your way, your call!!

Who wants raaaaaffle tickets!?!?!

Prize conditions:

  • One aircraft flight for you to manifest with whomever you like (licensed skydivers only).
  • Prize must be used during this edition of the Xmas Boogie and all 14 slots, including the raffle winner, have to be used on the same load.
  • A 15th slot will be saved for a Skydive Spain camera to be able to record the jumps from that load.
  • Please fill out the form that you will be provided with the prize voucher and hand it to the Manifest at the beginning of the day on which you want to use the gift.
  • If participants that you included on the form are not ready to board at the time of boarding, their slot(s) will be free to be used by a second Skydive Spain camera or any other skydiver that the manifest may decide.

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