Summer Tandem skydive sale is on!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Yes, our tandem skydive sale is ON!!

And we are so thrilled to view our skies full of first timer skydivers!

The Southern Spain´s Summer is a perfect time of the year to try out skydiving for the very first time. Jumping early during the summer months, you will be able to enjoy your jump in great weather conditions by one of the most beautiful cities in Europe: Seville.

And to top off the experience we are offering up until the 31st of August a special price in our tandem skydive from both 10.000 ft. and 15.000 ft.

Book now!

How will one of the most exciting days of your life go?

You will be welcome to our dropzone by our office staff at your arrival time. After taking paper of some paperwork, you will be asked to follow one of our instructors to receive your jump briefing. With the assistance of a video, you will be given all the details about your jump. Relax, you will only have to do a minor couple of things, we want you to focus on enjoying this unforgettable experience!

Get ready to get your jump suit on! After your briefing, the instructor will proceed to help you put the gear on.



Once you have your gear on, our team will do their best to fit you on the next available flight. You may be boarding our Dornier G92 with other tandem passengers, students and skydivers with thousands of jumps of experience! Seeing everybody leaving the airplane before you do is the first unbelievable experience! (They will literately vanish out your sight in a fraction of a second).

But hang on, we are still on the ground! Once your instructor lets you know that you are on the next flight, you will be called to the boarding area. Say some words to the camera to remember how you felt before your jump! (Our video & photos package are highly recommended to relive this experience and to be able to show your moments of glory to your loved ones!

Time to board! You will be boarding our airplane with your instructor. Once you are both sitting on the airplane´s bench, your instructor will connect to you through some of the harnesses points for safety during the ride up. A few minutes before the jump, he or she will go over the jump manoeuvres again and will then secure all the harnesses. Here comes the green light on top of the exit!

People in front of you start leaving the airplane. Why did I sign up for this!? Just kidding!! You will go through an incredible rush of adrenaline in these moments. Time to get in position on the gate. Thousands of feet of air separate you from planet Earth. And you are ready to take the plunge.  Go into the “banana” position under your instructor, take a deep breath and open your eyes as much as you can. Here you go!

Before you know it you will be freefalling at 120 mph. A new dimension opens before your eyes. You cannot get enough of it. Your emotions have never been invoked in a such way. Smile to the camera and enjoy the bliss!

After a minute of freefall your parachute will deploy. Time now to bring your heart rate down a bit to enjoy the spectacular views and tranquility from the Andalusian´s sky. You will be able to operate (weather permitting) with the assistance of your instructor the parachute for a few moments. As you approximate the ground, your instructor will regain the control of the parachute for landing. Time to get ready to get in touch with planet Earth again. Raise your legs and landing done. Welcome back!

Your landing will also be recorded by your camera instructor, who will be reaching the ground before you and your tandem instructor do. He/she will be approaching to you to get your first thoughts after the jump (warning… it won’t be easy to find words to describe what just happened!)

After your jump we will be sending you an email with the like where you will be able to download one of the most epic moments of your life, which +80 photos and an incredible video. You will also receive a Certificate of Courage. Of course, you deserve one!

So don’t forget, make sure you take advantage of our summer promotion!!

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