Valentines Promotion

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Have you run out of ideas on how to say to your other half “I love you”?

Nothing says “I LOVE YOU” quite like throwing them out of a plane … for real!

If you are just tired of exchanging objects, go for the experience this year. Nothing is more memorable than viewing planet Earth from 15.000 ft. while you are ready to jump out of the airplane to continue with an exhilarating free fall of one minute. All your senses will be magnified to live the experience!

With just 20 minutes of ground training you will be ready to jump out of an airplane attached to one of our tandem instructors. So you will be able to just relax and take in the whole experience.

We give  you two different opportunities to take advantage of our Valentines promotion:

Purchase now and jump within up to 1 year!

Cannot jump right now? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Purchase a skydive gift voucher till February 14th and get a 20€ discount using the promo code: “CHQAMOR19“. Gift vouchers are valid for a year from the date of purchase.


Ready to jump yet?

Jump from February 1st to 14th and receive a 20€ discount using the promo code: “Amor19“. Book your tandem online to receive this discount!

Over the years we have seen so many moments of love in our dropzone. Families, couples, friends… there is something about skydiving that makes it so bonding. Maybe it has to do with sharing an experience of a lifetime?

And keep it in mind, we can definitely help you out if you are thinking taking the experience to a whole different level!

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