Skydive pilots: The unsung heroes of most dropzones – #2 of a series: Luis Angel Otero Licea

miércoles, abril 1, 2020

We continue with our interviews series. Here is number 2. Look at the bottom of the article to find the other two.

A skydiving operation requires the perfect synchronization of multiple elements. Most are very visible and obvious, especially to the sport jumpers.

Skydivers wanting to get to exit altitude as fast as possible require; manifest to manage the movements and anticipation of many customers eager to jump, packers to work at full speed to have the rigs ready on time for the next lift, ground staff to ensure the execution of the operation is accurate, administrative staff to welcome newcomers and new friends.  But, who’s flying the aircraft?!?

Flying skydiving aircraft requires extraordinary concentration. Often, the operation involves piloting numerous consecutive flights, with changing weather conditions and variable loads of fuel and skydivers. Adaptability is essential in this position. It takes a lot of skill to be able to fly skydivers.

We want to take this opportunity to recognise the highly valued, yet so easily overseen roles of our fantastic pilots. usually, the unsung heroes of most dropzones. We begin a series of interviews to learn more about them and why they do what they do.

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