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Skydive Spain is a freeflyers paradise! All of our freefly coaches have many years of experience and have trained specifically to become freefly coaches as well as excellent freeflyers themselves. In addition, they have a proven ability in teaching and communicating with students.

We offer one-on-one coaching, following the BPA guidelines for FF1 and FF2, and team coaching, from introductions to freeflying, tracking, and back flying. Every jump involves a pre-jump brief and safety instruction, a coached jump utilizing continual communication between student and instructor, and a post-jump debrief.

Before starting any FF coaching we insist that you have completed at least two FS coaching jumps proving basic safety skills on your belly. Our Freefly Coaches are available all year round and can be booked per jump or for 10-FF-Coaching package, excluding rig hire.

Freefly Coaching Prices

Coaching PackagesPrice
Single Coached Skydive 1-on-1
On-site Purchase Only
10-jump Coached Package 1-on-1
On-site Purchase Only
BPA FF1 Coached Package
Book in advance

If you are interested in the BPA Qualification FF1

Our 15-jump course package will be the course for you:

  • 15 coached jumps with high quality video and extensive debrief
  • comprises of 7 levels including instruction on use of the recovery position, stable sit position, 360 degree turns, fall rate control, forwards & backwards movement, transitions and freefly launches
  • You also walk away with a file sent by email with all of the jumps

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