Wingsuit Training

Learn to Fly with a Qualified Wingsuit Instructor

Find out more about the fascination of wingsuit flying!

At Skydive Spain we offer a range of wingsuit options with a qualified wingsuit instructor. You have the choice of doing a single 1 on 1 jump with the instructor or a more advanced 10-jump package.

Wingsuit Coaching Price List

*Wingsuit coached jump prices exclude rig rental.

CoursePrice Per Person
Single Coached Skydive 1-on-1
excludes wingsuit hire
1-jump Introductory Course - Groundschool + coached jump
includes wingsuit hire x1
10-jump Course (suitable for BPA WS1) - Groundschool + 5x coached jumps + 5x solo jumps
includes wingsuit hire x10

Contact Us

Contact Us

“… to promote safe sky flying and the ultimate feeling of flight itself. We believe that someday there will be as many bird men and women as in any other skydiving discipline. Sky flying is extremely fun. It is easy to learn and safe when flown with respect. A whole new world has been opened; the possibilities are endless. After all, we do have the biggest playground in the world – the sky!”


Our requirements

Whilst wingsuiting is an amazing part of skydiving, some experience is required, we have taken recommendations from wingsuit suit manufacturers:

  • A minimum of 500 freefall skydives or at least 200 freefall skydives made within the past 18 months
  • BPA members wishing to gain WS1 must be an FAI ‘C’ Licence parachutist as well.

Additional Information

Please note: your personal gear may not be suitable for wingsuit jumping, hire kit is available on the dropzone (price not included in the course fee). The ideal main canopies are non-elliptical such as Sabres, Silhouettes, Pilots, Safires or Spectres. Advice can be given prior to your trip, please feel free to contact us.

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