Your weekend getaway in Seville!

Special package with Accommodation, Transportation and a Block of jumps!

For all those skydivers non-resident in Seville, Skydive Spain offers a special package on many weekends throughout the year that includes a block of jumps, accommodation and transportation to and from Seville.

This package is especially designed for people who can reach Seville by any means of transport, such as by plane, train or bus, from anywhere in Spain or abroad. The package, besides the block of jumps, includes chronologically: Shuttle from Seville on Friday, accommodation in shared rooms on Friday and Saturday night, daily transportation to and from the dropzone, and shuttle back to Seville on Sunday after completing a great weekend of jumps!

Residential Getaway, in detail:

Block of jumps

We give you the option to choose between two jump packages:

  • 10 jumps block:

With this package you are entitled to 1 Residential Getaway weekend. If you have any jump left to use after the weekend, you can use them whenever you want.

  • 25 Jump block:

With this package you are entitled to 2 Residential Getaway weekends. The jumps that you will have left to use after the first weekend, you can use in another Residential Getaway weekend, at no additional cost. The second getaway weekend must be used within 6 months after the first one.

Prices Residential Getaway Packages

Residential Getaway 10 - Block of 10 jumps, Accommodation and Transportation 309€
Residential Getaway 25 - Block of 25 jumps, Accommodation and Transportation 730€


OCTOBER - Pick-up in Seville on 1st of October 1st - 3rd October
OCTOBER - Pick-up in Seville on 22nd of October 22nd - 24th October
NOVEMBER - Pick-up in Seville on 19th of November 19th - 21st November
DECEMBER - Pick-up in Seville on 17th of December 17th - 19th of December

how to book your slot?

We have very limited slots on our Residential Getaway weekends, so we recommend you reserve yours as soon as possible.

  1. Call or email us to check availability, providing:
    1. Name and last name.
    2. Contact phone number and email.
    3. Date of the chosen Residential Getaway weekend.
  2. Book your residential package now with a payment by bank transfer to the following account:
  • Bank: LA CAIXA
    Account number: ES70 2100 2681 4002 1011 7306

    Concepto: your name and dates of the weekend e.g. John Smith 24-25 April

Important: Once you make your reservation, please send us an email with proof of the bank transfer, and once you have confirmed your trip, please let us know the details so we can coordinate your transportation and stay in our accommodation.

Come and enjoy an unforgettable getaway weekend in Seville!

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