Catching up with … Laurent Frat

星期五, 六月 12, 2020

For the past few years Skydive Spain has been very proud to host educational wingsuiting events. Our DZ lends itself very well to wingsuiting; 15,000 feet, aircraft with a large door and vast open space covering the beautiful Andalucian countryside outside of Sevilla city. Wingsuiting has been around for many years, it has been an aspect of our sport that has developed fairly rapidly, both with the equipment and techniques of flying.  The last couple of years Skydive Spain has been chosen as the host DZ for the European edition of one of Next Level’s largest flight camps.  Sadly, due to COVID-19 the camp planned for late March 2020 was unable to happen.  We have taken the opportunity to talk to one of the organisers, Laurent Frat, to find about more about himself, his opinion of this fantastic discipline and to understand how Next Level was created.

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