NEW: Online Tandem Xmas Promo!

星期三, 十月 31, 2018

Our annual Christmas tandem Skydive promotion is out!

We have just launched our most popular tandem skydive promotion of the year, and this time with a spin!

Two ways of saving on your tandem skydive this Christmas: Book online for yourself to jump during the holidays or show someone you love them with a gift out of this world!

Book now!

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What exactly is a tandem skydive?

We offer this experience to anyone who wants to experience the rush of a skydive without training to become a licensed skydiver. With just 20 minutes of ground training with one of our highly experienced skydive instructors, you will be ready to jump out of a perfectly good airplane attached to one of our tandem instructors. This means you can just relax and take in the whole experience while our expert instructors bring you back safely to earth.

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