New Sponsorship: TRT MotorCycles & SemoTrial

星期一, 三月 20, 2023

We are very excited to announce a new sponsorship agreement with TRT Motorcycles and Semotrial Academy.

Skydive Spain continues supporting local sport organizations that share our vision of pushing the limits of our sports, always with integrity and professionalism.

TRT Motorcycles enables local pilots to participate in regional, national and international competitions on the categories of: Motocross, Trial, Enduro & Cross Country. Among their pilots, Jose Butron, European Champion EmxOpen & 14x Spain Champion among other international achievements, is their most recognizable face. Other young pilots with a very promising future are Adria Monne, Alex Miguel or Heri Cruz. TRT Motorcycles are also official dealers in Seville for KTM & GasGas.

Semotrial Academy was the first trial school founded in Andalusia, back in 2014. The school is directed by Sergio Moreno, 8 times Andalusía champion and Spanish champion in the Master Class category. Sergio´s passion is to transmit his knowledge and experience to all his students, from very young ages.

From Skydive Spain, we look forward to a future linked with these two organizations. We will be updating you with all their achievements and main events on our social media channels.


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