Launching our own charity program!

星期三, 一月 18, 2023

We are very excited to announce the release of our latest project. At Skydive Spain we want to contribute to the creation of a better and fairer society, and to do this, we have set up the “Skydive Spain Gives Back – Colabora” program.

Through this program, we want to help or reward individuals and organisations that have missions and values ​​that seek the general welfare of our society. Improvement of the conditions of people living in disadvantaged situations, animal rescue, care for the environment, or volunteering of any kind, are some of the examples that our organisation wants to reward.


In general, Skydive Spain will collaborate with these types of projects through:

– Granting a prize, such as a tandem skydive, to a non-profit organisation to raise funds through raffles or some other similar action.

– Directly rewarding a person for social, environmental or any other work that has to do with general welfare, that deserves recognition for their work with a skydiving experience at our dropzone.

– Any other formula that may arise.

Help us!

Do you know somebody or a non-profit organization that deserves recognition or help with their work? Get in touch with us through the email, so we can learn about the case and see if we can contribute to the good cause.

We are thrilled to launch this project and hope to be able to give back to society everything we receive at our dropzone on a daily basis, in the form of smiles and unforgettable experiences lived by all our skydivers.

Help us by proposing candidates. You will be helping to create a better society!

We will be publishing the different actions that we will undertake through our social media channels and also on our website.


actions taken so far

As part of our initiative “Skydive Spain Gives Back – Collaborate” and in honor of the international day in the fight against childhood cancer (February 15) we want to show you the story of Enrique Vallecillo and his notebook.

Maria Sanchez, author of the Cuaderno Basico sobre las Emociones, an adapted version of Enrique’s notebook, reflects the story of her nephew. Enrique passed away at the age of 8 last year due to a cancer with no cure.

All funds raised will go towards childhood cancer research. No research is enough as long as there is only one child who dies trying to be cured.

You can buy his book and help childhood cancer research here.


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