Track Dayz Two Plane 2024 by Infamous Skydiving

星期一, 五月 6, 2024

The amazing team of Infamous Skydiving organised the second edition of a two plane formation TrackDayz at Skydive Spain. Last year the event was great success.

The goal of this camp was 2 plane formation:

Friday – warm up (all day)

Weekend – BIGWAY (10-12 jumps)

Here, it was what Jakub Organista told about the event:

“On Friday we started with small groups doing mostly angle to prepare participants for the weekend. It’s a warm up day for participants and for us double checked their skills.

On Saturday we decided to build two separate formation in the sky and fly the formation to the leading plane. Weather didn’t help us, we had some clouds and stron winds. Pilots did great job, flew really good with close formation. On the 6th jump we manage to build the formation and flew it together for almost 10 second.

On Sunday we tried some other ways of building the formation. We rotate the slots so participants could try new approaches. We mange to build the formation 5 times that day.”


The event was a total success thanks to Piotr Noworol and Jakub Organista and we are looking forward to see you back with the next TrackDayz.

Down below you can see the highlights from the event.

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