TrackDayz Interview: Special edition – November 2018

星期一, 九月 17, 2018

We’re gearing up for the special edition of TrackDayz at Skydive Spain coming up in November 2nd-4th. This is a tracking event for every level, every month at our dropzone. This event is ideal for anyone looking to grow their skills in a safe way, with high level coaching and load organising. At TrackDayz, we keep the groups small when necessary, and big when the level allows for it.
We’ve recently added Steve Howes, a British Freeflier from Team Varial, to our TrackDayz. Steve will join us for the Special Edition Trackdayz in November.

We interviewed Zemi, a regular coach at TrackDayz at Skydive Spain and Steve Howes, from Varial Freefly. Have a look at what they had to say about tracking!

Interview with Steve Howes

When and why did you decide to practice tracking? Tracking is my favourite way to fly, it’s the closest you can get to flying like a bird whilst maintaining your self-respect (i.e. not becoming a wingsuiter! haha)

What do you like most about jumping at Skydive Spain? Skydive Spain is always a great place to jump, the weather’s always good, and the atmosphere is always great.

Who would you recommend to start tracking? It’s always good to have some static freefly skills first before you start angle flying, so you’ve got some experience dealing with higher speeds. If you’re in the big gap between FF1 and FF2 then tracking would be a great thing to work on.

Why should people sign up for the event? Because there’s nothing better than zooming around the sky all day and then and then chilling with a beer after a great day of jumping. It beats working!

Any “safety tip” that you can give us? Get two audibles, it’s not always that easy to check a wrist alti when tracking, so having two audibles is really useful. When they both go off together you can be sure they’re accurate, and also because two is louder than one, so you’ll definitely hear it when you’re going fast and there’s a lot of wind noise.

Interview with Zemi

When and why did you decide to practice Tracking? This is certainly a good question, I started jumping because I had seen a video of people tracking, smiling and having a great time, so I said to myself: “I have to do this!” After several attempts to convince friends and nearby people to do the skydiving course with me, I decided to do it alone, zero tandems, zero people I knew in the sport and there it was, it has changed my life


What do you like most about jumping at Skydive Spain?  Well, Skydive Spain without a doubt has great conditions for everything: Incredible weather, incredible airplanes with big door (I love the Dornier) and of course 15,000 ft, without mentioning the environment, which is very special, where everyone always wants to improve their skills.

Who would you recommend to start tracking? To everyone, tracking is a necessary skill in skydiving in order to make a good separation from a group during any type of jump: Belly, freefly, etc. When we start to develop more advanced skills, a world opens up where you can explore a lot.

Why should people sign up for the event? Hmm, if you want to learn to fly hard, fast, and in control, this is what you are looking for. We want you to learn and embrace new skills.

Any “safety tip” that you can give us? Always keep eye contact with other flying people during separations.


Follow the Facebook event page for more information or contact us directly to book your spot at TrackDayz at Skydive Spain!


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