Women Vertical European Record – Oct 27th

星期二, 十月 27, 2015

European female skydivers made history in Skydive Spain on October 27th 2015 by setting a new head down record: an all-female 22-way formation. The group was organized and lead to success by two world renowned female skydivers: Domitille Kiger and Anna Moxnes.

This European record event ended with a well-deserved night of celebration starting from a gorgeous spa with thermal pools, ending to an amazing dinner in town with all of the girl crew, and the two camera men.

The Skydive Spain team wants to thank and congratulate all the participants for this phenomenal achievement. 

The official women’s European vertical record is now held by the following women:

Jonna Berhäll 

Magali Braff 

Claire Brochard 

Pomme Delepine 

Maria Dmitrienko 

Heini Elo 

Nina Forsberg 

Cornelia Franzen 

Domi Kiger 

Lorene Latour 

Julia Luchko 

Emeline Martineau 

Anna Moxnes 

Sophie Nefussy 

Jenny Norin 

Olimpia Patej 

Tiziana Rossetti 

Michaela Saporiti 

Elizabeth Stoodley 

Barbara Van Gerven 

Elke Vermoesen 

Alexandra Vujicic


We are proud for hosting such a talented group and look forward to host more challenges in the near future.


Blue skies!

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