Happy new year!!

viernes, enero 1, 2016

Dear skydiver,

Happy new year! We hope 2016 is already off to a great start and that the year is filled with good health, success and lots of altitude.

Skydive Spain is open and booming with events to keep you current, progressing and experiencing the satisfaction of flying.

Check out our upcoming events in FF, FS, Wingsuiting and Canopy – we have something for everyone here at Skydive Spain.

We wish you a happy new year and we hope to see you very soon!


04-08 SkySaver Week

09-10 TrackDayz

12-18 AFF Residential Course

16-17 FZTH Wingsuit Weekend

23-24 The canopy School – Beginner Active Piloting

30-31 Formation Weekends


01-05 $kySaver Week

06-07 TrackDayz

09-15 AFF Residential Course

13-14 FZTH Wingsuit Weekend

23-29 Residential Progression Course 

27-28 Formation Weekends


05-06 TrackDayz

07-11 $kysaver Week

12-13 FZTH Wingsuit Weekend

15-21 AFF Residential Course

19-20 Formation Weekends

26-27 The canopy School – Beginner Active Piloting


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Blue Skies, The Skydive Spain Team

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