Summer tandem promotion

星期三, 五月 29, 2019

Ready for the summer? We are!!

On June 1st we will be launching our tandem summer promotion!

Till August 31st, when you make an online booking on our website using the promo code “Verano19“, you will be getting a 20€ discount on your tandem skydive!!

Not familiar yet with a tandem skydive?

This experience is available to anyone who wants to live the rush of a skydive without training to become a licensed skydiver. Only 20 minutes of ground training with one of our highly experienced skydive instructors, will be enough to make you ready to jump out of an airplane. Just relax, smile and take in this incredible experience!

At Skydive Spain, we want everyone to take this unique, refreshing and life changing adventure. You will be able to jump for as little as 169€ from 10.000ft!!

Want more time in freefall? Just upgrade your experience and jump from 15,000 ft, giving you 60+ seconds of freefall. That’s a looong freefall for a skydive!

Book now!

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