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The Flight-1 Canopy Series

What is it?

In 2012, Flight-1 launched a new series in the Flight-1 Training Program – the Flight-1 Canopy Series. It is a curriculum of continuing education in Canopy Control and Instruction. This curriculum provides a clear comprehensive progression for the skydiver of any experience level to learn and improve their canopy handling skills.

Who developed it?

Powered by the PD Factory Team, the curriculum has been developed from years of teaching canopy flight to thousands of skydivers. The authors are the most accomplished canopy pilots and canopy control instructors in the sport, and have extensive experience on the complete size and range of canopies being flown from student to expert.

Will it make me a better skydiver?

Yes. The curriculum is relevant to everyone whatever your current canopy handling skills are. Whether you are a newly licensed skydiver or a regular fun jumper, whether you are looking to improve your landing accuracy and technique or taking your first steps into more advanced canopy piloting, the Flight-1 Canopy Series will give you the chance to progress through a structured program to achieve your specific goals.

What happens after I complete a course?

The Series has multiple courses to continually develop your skills. It comes with a Certification Program to track your progress through the curriculum, with certification being given on successful completion of each module. Flight-1 will help you decide your future goals within the Series, enabling you to work towards your Flight-1 Sport Canopy Pilot Certifications with a step by step process.


with PD Factory Team, Flight-1 instructor and competitive swooper for Italy, Armando Fattoruso
About the courses:

Flight 101 – Flying The Modern Wing or The Parachute System

“Flying The Modern Wing” (101) deals specifically with creating good, soft, consistently accurate landings. You will fully understand the correct flare technique and develop the ability to debrief personal performance. The course defines the flight plan, ensuring a high degree of accuracy and safety. Finally, stalls and stall recovery techniques introduce controls to help understand the full performance range fo the canopy.

Flight 102 – The Canopy Performance Range

“The Canopy Performance Range” (102) takes you through a series of in-air exercises to explore the performance range of the canopy so that you can deal with emergency situations and difficult atmospheric condition. You will be given more safety and survival tools, including controlled turns using different inputs, turn dynamics, dive recovery, and how to deal with a long spot.

How to Book

You must register and book and pay for courses directly with Flight-1 on their website:
Once you have booked the course, you will be contacted by Armando with further details.
If you cannot attend any of the courses we have organised or you want to complete another type of canopy coaching e.g. exclusive 1-on-1 coaching, do not worry, contact Armando directly and he can help arrange other dates and requirements.
It is recommended to make at least 5x HopNpop jumps on the day of the course, paid directly to the DZ on the day of the course.  The jumps are a valuable way to consolidate what you have learned and put your new knowledge into practice.  Armando will de-brief your jumps.

Flight-1 Course Dates – 2024

Dates 2024Price Per Person
Flight - 1 101&102 15- 16 April 2024 HopNpop jumps & rig rental @ DZ + Flight-1 fees
Flight - 1 101&102 27- 28 May 2024 HopNpop jumps & rig rental @ DZ + Flight-1 fees
Flight - 1 101&102 14- 15 October 2024 HopNpop jumps & rig rental @ DZ + Flight-1 fees
Flight - 1 101&102 11- 12 November 2024 HopNpop jumps & rig rental @ DZ + Flight-1 fees

For pilots who want to:

  • Become a pilot, not a passenger
  • Deal with different wind conditions
  • Fly their canopy where they want to go
  • Learn precise and accurate inputs
  • Experiment with front risers up high
  • Learn to use harness inputs
  • Utilize their body position
  • Know how to prevent a low turn
  • Practice half-braked approaches
  • Land crosswind safely
  • Fly with confidence

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