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Accepted Payment Methods at Skydive Spain

  • Cash (only currency: Euro)
  • Credit/Debit card* (Visa, Mastercard, Electron, Euro 6000; we do not accept American Express or Diners Club)
  • Bank transfer national (for reservation deposits only)
    Bank: LA CAIXA
    Account Name: SKYDIVE SPAIN
    Account Number: 2100-2681-40-0210117306
  • Bank transfer international:
    Bank: LA CAIXA
    IBAN: ES70 2100 2681 400210117306
  • Online website payment: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • We do not accept personal cheques or travelers cheques

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Prices

ExperiencePriceBook Now
10,000ft Tandem - inc. freefall certificate 189€Book
15,000ft Tandem - inc. freefall certificate 229€Book

Video And Photo Pricing

ProductPrice Per Person
Professional Camera Flyer - Video & 80+ Photos on USB 99€
Instructor Handycam - Video & 50+ Photos on USB 74€

Tandem Skydiving Discounts

Discounts are not accumulative. Discounts are only valid when booking online in advance and will not apply for tandem walk-ins. Discounts are not valid for participating agencies or collaborators.

TypeDiscount per person
Lunes Locos
Selected Mondays throughout the year. Online booking only.
Students /active Military
ID proof required
Groups of 10+
15k / 4600m tandem only
2nd tandem on the same day
Subject to availability

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Accelerated Freefall Rates


Number of StudentsPrice Per Person
Gold Package 7 Days - Ground training, AFF-Tandem jump, + AFF Levels 1-8, Video Debriefs and more €1716
Platinum Package 7-10 Days - All of Gold Package + 10 Consolidation Jumps €2,175
Expert Package 10-14 Days - 25 Jump Package: AFF Tandem + AFF Levels 1-8 + 12 consols + 5 x FS coached jumps with kit hire + USPA A-Licence briefs and application) €2,628
Residential 7 Day Course - (7 nights accommodation, Seville airport transfers, daily DZ transfers.) Course + 229,00 €

AFF Discounts

Active Course Discounts

*Discounts are not accumulative.
*Discounts are not valid for participating agencies or collaborators.

Number of PeopleDiscount
3+ People - Platinum or Expert Packages
Discounts are not accumulative
-100€ / Pax
Active Military, Police & Emergency Personnel
Discounts are not valid for participating agencies or collaborators.
5% OFF

AFF Consolidation Prices

All equipment and instruction included for AFF Gold package students or AFF continuation students

Consolidation JumpPrice
Price Per Jump 53,50€
Block of 10 488,80€

AFF Repeat Jump Prices

Third Party Liability insurance is mandatory for the solo student courses, see your option on our insurance page.

Repeat Jumps During the CoursePrice Per Jump
Level 1-3 211,00€
Level 4-7 144,50€
Level 8 53,50€

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Experienced Skydiver Rates

Experienced Jumper Prices

All jumps are non-refundable and non-transferable, no matter what the reason you could not use them including bad weather and injury.

Block jumps are for individual use only, they cannot be bought and shared.

All standard jumps have no expiry date, although jumps bought as part of an event may have specific conditions different to Skydive Spain normal.

Should you be looking at using Skydive Spain for Team Training, please see our page team training.

DescriptionPrice for 1Blocks
1 Jump 27,50 € each--
Block of 10 jumps 26,10 € each261,00 €
Block of 25 jumps 25,30 € each632,50 €
Rig hire; incl. Packjob 16,50 € each--
Altimeter OR suit hire 5,00 € per dayID req.
Packjob 6,00 € each--
$ky$aver Week 24,80 € each--

FS Coaching Prices

Single Coached Skydive 1-on-1
On-site Purchase Only
10-jump Coached Package 1-on-1
On-site Purchase Only
BPA FS1 Coached Package
Book Online

Freefly Coaching Prices

Coaching PackagesPrice
Single Coached Skydive 1-on-1
On-site Purchase Only
10-jump Coached Package 1-on-1
On-site Purchase Only
BPA FF1 Coached Package
Book Online

Book a BPA Course

Canopy Piloting Course Dates

2019Price Per Person
2019 dates coming soon!
including 8 hop'n'pop jumps, excluding rig rental

Wingsuit Coaching Price List

*Wingsuit coached jump prices include the hire of a wingsuit, but exclude rig rental.

CoursePrice Per Person
Single Coached Skydive 1-on-1 96,00€
1-jump Introductory Course 181,00€
10-jump Coached Package 681,60€

Team Training Prices

If you would like to book your team training with us or you have any questions, please contact our office: +34 955-766-056 or

Per CampPer Slot
25-49 team jumps 24,80€
50+ team jumps 24,20€
discounted packing rate (all team members) 5,40€ per packjob

Progression Week Prices

*NOTE: Please be sure your flights are in the evenings.  We have specific hours we are able to offer the pick-up and drop-off services, if you are out of hours, a taxi will be arranged for a small extra charge.

Progression + USPA 5 x Coach 635,00€
Progression + USPA 5 x coach + Residential package 864,00€
Progression + FS1 course
does not include accommodation or transport
Progression + FF1 course
does not include accommodation or transport
Progression + FS1 course + Residential package* 1.333,50€
Progression + FF1 course + Residential package* 1.642,00€

View Coaching Schedules

Packing Lesson

PackingPrice Per Person
2 to 4 hours packing lesson - *(pre-booked) only midweek days 100,00€ + rig usage

Equipment Rental

Rig hire per jump - (incl. pack job) 16,50€
Altimeter Rental - (n/a when part of a course) 5€
Tandem rig hire per jump - (advance booking only - incl. pack job) 50€
Sport pack job 6€

Skydiver Insurance 2018

Insurance PolicyPrice
FEADA 1-month coverage - (third party liability/accident) 68,00€
FEADA 3-months coverage - (third party liability/accident) 84,00€
FEADA 6-months coverage - (third party liability/accident) 128,00€
FEADA 1-Year coverage - (till 31 Dec. 3rd party liability/accident) 142,00€

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