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Train with the Best

We welcome Teams for training and for Coaching!

Make your camp a success by training alongside others to best achieve your jumps each day.

Competitive skydiving, in its various disciplines is a highly challenging and time consuming sport. With the ever increasing usage of wind tunnels, the design of the very latest canopies and the constant striving to push new limits, every athlete has to give that extra bit to stay ahead of the game. Here at Skydive Spain, we feel honored to be part of our customers skydiving challenges and as such feel we want to help out wherever we can by re-investing in the sport.

Team Training Prices

If you would like to book your team training with us or you have any questions, please contact our office: +34 955-766-056 or

We have a limited budget each year for sponsoring events and internationally competing teams. To be considered, send an official team training proposal to us via email.

Per CampPer Slot
50+ team jumps 33,50€

In order to qualify for team jumps

  • the team members must be the same people on all skydives
  • there is no team rate for teams with less than 3 people
  • choose the jump number bracket and pay in advance for all the team jumps to the minimum of the bracket.
  • no refunds for unused jumps
  • value of remaining money is left on your account after the jumps made have been deducted according to the correct bracket.


All teams registered in advance with the booking office can take advantage of the discounted packing rate, payment in advance is required.  

Just bring your empty weight belt – use our weights

Skydive Spain realizes that the airlines are now making it more and more difficult for you to bring your lead weight abroad with you. Therefore, we now have 35 (2lb) weight pouches available for you to use. They are standard pouch size, just bring your empty weight belt and they are free to use during your team training for a refundable deposit of 10€ per pouch. If your team would like to take advantage of this offer please email us in advance stating the dates you are jumping and the number of pouches you will need, to assure availability.

Contact our office: +34 955-766-056 or to book your team training at Skydive Spain!

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