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Reliable and highly efficient dropzone, in sunny southern Spain

Skydive Spain is the perfect dropzone to visit if you want to jump all day long, any day of the week!

We offer three twin turbine Dornier G92 aircraft, flying to 15,000ft.* (temporarily flying up to 13,000ft. due to an AESA air restriction) in around 11 minutes. Our facilities offer shower/toilet block, bar/cafe, huge packing area in two hangars and a hook-up point for RVs. Please contact us prior to arrival for arrangement if needed.

On-site there’s a bar/restaurant that offers warm food and hot and cold drinks & snacks. Plus a wide selection of alcoholic drinks for your well earned thirst, DVD’s, stereo system, large flat-screen TV,  and free Wifi.

* Due to an AESA air restriction (Spanish State Air Safety Agency), Skydive Spain will TEMPORARILY be flying up to 13,000 feet. We cannot give you an estimate on how long this restriction will be in place because we are dealing with official authorities; but we are doing everything we can to get back to our normal 15K.

Download Safety Rules

Licensed Jumper Rates

Licensed Jumper Prices – Jump in the sun!

All jumps are non-refundable and non-transferable, no matter what the reason you could not use them including bad weather and injury.

Block jumps are for individual use only, they cannot be bought and shared.

All standard jumps expire after 12 months, although jumps bought as part of an event may have specific conditions different to Skydive Spain normal.

Should you be looking at using Skydive Spain for Team Training, please see our page team training.

* due to an AESA air restriction (Spanish State Air Safety Agency), Skydive Spain will TEMPORARILY be flying up to 13,000 feet.

DescriptionPrice for 1Blocks
1 Jump 34,50 € each--
Block of 10 jumps 33,50 € each335,00 €

What's Needed to Check-in

Information and Documentation required for Check-In

Safety is our main priority at Skydive Spain, to avoid disappointment on your arrival please read our complete Safety Rules before the information below. 

On arrival, you will receive documentation and equipment checks – this is our internal inspection to increase the safety for yourself and all others on the DZ.  However, as with the nature of our sport, you assume your own risk by using your own or our equipment and taking part in skydives. After the document and equipment checks, all skydivers will undergo a DZ Briefing, landing area introduction and equipment check by one of our Skydive Spain authorized personnel. 

To speed up the check-in process we now have our online registration form or eWaiver. You just have to enter the app BurbleMe and complete or update your data. The day of your arrival, we will only have to check the documentation and equipment. You can also find it scanning the QR code below:

Documentation required for inspection

  • Current Licence
  • Valid third party/civil responsibility insurance (please read insurance page)
  • Correctly completed and up-to-date logbook
  • Equipment repack documentation
  • Valid and maintained AAD documents

Please note that while Skydive Spain will try and facilitate as much as we can, it is any visitor’s responsibility to prove that their own documentation is valid and in date, in a language that can be read by the staff.

Register Your Burble Account (Step 1)Download Burble Me (Apple ios)Download Burble Me (Android)

Equipment inspection

  • Please make sure your equipment is suitable for the type of skydiving you intend to do.
  • Please note to be cleared as ‘freefly friendly’, Skydive Spain require non-velcro riser covers, exposed main bridle cover, good condition BOC, leg-strap bungee.

Skydive Spain reserves the right to stop anyone jumping equipment that we feel is not appropriate for their experience, currency, or the intended type of jump.  This also applies to main and reserve canopy size.

Guidelines for main canopies

  • Higher Performance Semi or Fully Elliptical minimum 200 jumps (regardless of previous experience on them)
  • Higher performance elliptical minimum 500 jumps (Katana etc subject to performance)
  • X braced minimum 750 jumps
  • High-Performance X braced minimum 1500 jumps (e.g. Leia, Valkyrie, etc)

We recognise that people can sometimes fall outside of these guidelines if this is the case we highly recommend that you email the Chief Instructor in advance on

Why should you choose Skydive Spain as your Training Center?

  • Large landing area
  • Debriefing rooms with camera docks
  • Highest altitude in Europe – 15,000ft
  • Large flat-screen TV for debriefs
  • Excellent weather all year round
  • Bar/Restaurant – Cloud 9
  • Near several international airports (Sevilla, Jerez, Malaga and Faro)
  • Creepers, Mock-up area, Shop, free WIFI Internet and more
  • Large Packing area (padded)
  • Excellent manifest: we get you in the air as quickly and often as possible!
  • Qualified on-site Rigger

Looking for coaching?

Our staff coaches have the latest knowledge in giving you the best value for your money information, wingsuit and freeflying coaching. Our huge landing area, quick turnaround, and friendly, efficient manifest make Skydive Spain the ideal place to receive coaching. If you want to find out more, please check more info according to your desired discipline in our website or free feel to contact us.

New access to Airfield

We want to let you know that the airfield has a new system for opening the entrance gate. We are only permitted to open the gate electronically for tandem customers who arrive and leave on the same day and visit only once.

All other customers must obtain an activation code for the app SCLAK, and you will be able to open the gate from your mobile device.

This code can be obtained from the airfield office, next to the airfield parking (not in our office) 09:00-14:00. To do this, you will need to visit the airfield office next to the car park in person to obtain the code at a cost of 10€ per year.

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