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Accelerated Freefall is the best way to become a licensed skydiver!

Learn to Skydive in Spain with an aFF Course!

To become a skydiver, you must complete an Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course. You’re in luck, as we offer this course at Skydive Spain. 


AFF, which stands for accelerated freefall, is a method of skydiving instruction which has been developed in the USA to enable people to take full advantage of one to one training and learning during freefall. Accelerated Freefall courses are one of the most popular programs here in Spain and are a great way to learn how to skydive. 

Skydive Spain proudly offers various AFF Packages or Residential Courses for anyone looking to learn to skydive.


As an AFF student, your first jump will be from 13,000 ft with two AFF instructors jumping with you and maintaining grips on your body and parachute harness. These instructors assist with stability and provide in-air coaching. Prior to each and every jump, the student receives extensive and thorough training on the ground, covering both the freefall learning objectives and the operation of the equipment used in the skydive. Successful students graduate to having only one AFF instructor accompanying them by Level 4. The instructor in freefall will provide instructional input and subsequently critique the performance. Students normally graduate from the AFF program on or around their eighth jump.

The AFF program caters not only for the person who wishes to graduate and become a skydiver, but also provides an opportunity for those people who would like to make one freefall descent in a safe and controlled environment – AFF Level 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

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After AFF – What happens now?

Having graduated the AFF course, should you require a British Skydiving A-License, we have all the instructors and expertise you need. We have a BS Advanced Instructor who is required to sign all the necessary paperwork for you to apply for your BS A-License.

Pre-requisites for BS A-License are:

  • Successful completion of AFF Levels 1 – 7
  • Successful completion of CT1 written test
  • Successful completion of AFF Level 8 (low altitude exit)
  • Endorsement by qualified instructor in logbook of all jumps and CT1 exercises
  • 10 consolidation jumps (solo jumps supervised in the aircraft)
  • Endorsement by BS Advanced Instructor on BS A-License application form
  • Canopy Training Grade One (CT1) theory
  • Endorsement by BS Advanced Instructor on BS A-License application form
  • CT1 practical exercises; specific drills to perform under canopy on at least 3 descents
  • BS membership form

Applying for a USPA A-Licence

  • Successful completion of AFF Levels 1 – 7
  • Canopy skills practical, very similar to BS CT1
  • Successful completion of AFF Level 8 (low altitude exit)
  • Equipment Skills, Aircraft and Spotting Skills, Emergency Review
  • 10 consolidation jumps (solo jumps supervised in the aircraft)
  • Endorsement by USPA Instructor on USPA A-License Proficiency Card
  • 6 further jumps, minimum of 5 must be coached and
    include a ‘swoop to pin’ and ‘break off and track’ from
    a group of experienced skydivers
  • USPA membership form
skydiving licence

Both the USPA (US Parachute Association) and BS (British Skydiving) license are recognized worldwide. You will have to become a member of the relevant association to apply for the license, so choose carefully in relation with where you will jump the most and also bare in mind that if you are a British passport holder or resident, full BS membership provides you with a small amount of Third party Liability when skydiving outside of the UK, likewise if you are an American passport holder or citizen the USPA membership provides you with a small amount of Third Party Liability cover when skydiving outside of the States. Please make sure you read the policy details fully to understand all geographical and financial limitations of the individual association’s cover. We have more information and advice on our insurance page.

If you finish early, why not continue your learning with an FS1 (a BS requirement for B or C-License) course gaining the Formation Skydiving skills required to jump with your friends. Upon your return home, gather some friends and plan your next trip to Skydive Spain!

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