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We welcome Military Expeds and Groups from different countries!

Skydive Spain is the only Dropzone in Europe to be certified as a training facility for the US Department of Defense!

Skydive Spain is the ideal dropzone to take large military groups for quick progression. We cater Accelerated Freefall (AFF). Depending on the size of the group we can draft in extra instructors and equipment. Equally, we are also happy to provide aircraft and facilities and let you take care of the training.
We also have experience of training people after their basic qualifications to a high standard. The Pakistani Navy Seals sent a group of 8 jumpers to our sister dropzone in England, Skydive Hibaldstow. After spending 3 months of intensive training we took them from 0 jumps to an active parachute display team.

Why jump at Skydive Spain?

Our fast turnaround turbines have a large lift capacity enabling quick progression of your students. Lastly, our instructors are trained to British Parachute Association standards, arguably the strictest in the world.

  • Fast turnaround turbine aircraft (see also our facilities)
  • Highest altitude in Europe, 15,000ft* (Temporarily flying up to 13,000ft. due to an AESA air restriction)
  • British Parachute Association trained instructors and BPA Advanced Instructor on the DZ
  • Huge dropzone and landing area, ideal for students
  • Consistently good weather, no lengthy cold or windy periods of time
  • Experience in dealing with large groups and military groups
  • Access to good, cheap accommodation
  • Close to international airports. Only 25 mins from Sevilla’s San Pablo airport

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Military References

March 2017

Bob Sweeney returns with a group of 11 AFF Students and 4 Experienced skydivers to jump with us.

May 2016

Vikki Sorrell came to Skydive Spain with the Expedition Tiger Rhino Skydive, a group of 2 AFF instructors, 8 AFF students and 5 fun jumpers during the late spring of last year.

March 2016

Sean – On the 2016 York University Trip, Sean came to Skydive Spain during the early spring season with 5 AFF students, 4 RAPS students plus some experienced skydivers looking for the superb spring sunshine of Southern Spain.

March 2016

Bob Sweeney – It was great having Bob again on board with his 11 students and 4 fellow experienced skydivers jumping with us.

December 2015

Will – The RAP military expedition formed by 2 instructors, 5 students and one fun jumper visited us in the late Autumn of 2015, looking for the mild temperatures that Seville has to offer at that time of the year.

October 2015

15 people group organized by Jeremy Denning. Jeremy brought 3 AFF instructors, 10 AFF students and a couple of fun jumpers to jump along.

March 2015

Chris Bradhshaw came during the Spring of 2015 with his “Centurion 11” expedition. 2 AFF instructors, 5 AFF students and a group of 7 fun jumpers looking for awesome sunny jumps from 15.000ft.

August 2014

James Garnett – The AFF expedition organized by James came during the summer of 2014 with 2 students and 4 fun jumpers.

May 2014

David Dunne – 3 rd infantery expedition lead by David with 5 participants.

March 2014

Sean Sapsford came to our dropzone with an expedition of 19 people, among which they were 11 AFF students.

June 2012

Mick Riley of the British Army brought 12 AFF students, 4 instructors and 4 qualified jumpers for 2 weeks in June. All the students qualified without a problem and the 15,000 feet we offer made the instructors jobs even easier.

May 2012

RAF Northolt’s Andrew Henderson returned for another military exercise to have 9 soldiers trained through the AFF programme, plus some already qualified jumpers progressing their skills.  Making nearly 400 jumps byt the group, the exped was a huge success.

April 2012

6 special forces soldiers arrived to Skydive Spain specifically to complete a canopy flight course with Flight Foundation canopy school run by Jim Harris.  The information and experience they gained was invaluable to them and helped them move forward for their goals.

December 2011

Skydive Spain instructors taught 5x students from RAF Northolt, brought to us by John Vietch.  After the ground training 2 of them began their Level Once jump the same day.

September 2011

Dane Kenny and Kevin Coupeland brought a group of 15 SAS soldiers. 9 of which completed their AFF courses and 6 for FS progression.  Dane and Kev had a short turnaround time, but they managed a huge 365 jumps within the trip during 7 days.

January 2010

Skydive Spain taught 6 RAF men through their AFF course and consolidation jumps. These boys completed their training and jumps in record times and the instructors and staff thoroughly enjoyed having them on the DZ.  The trip had been led by John Coating, but the trip was short and sweet, with them leaving us for Ireland within 7 days.

March 2009

We welcomed an exped of nine this month from the Royal Engineers organised by Ben Smith. The group arranged BPA instructors Nick Brownhill, Steve Cavendish, Ian Rosenvinge and Jay Webster to assist with the trip and AFF Course. Paul Wright and Kennedy Sampson, two experienced skydivers joined the group for the trip from Germany along with Russell Scott-Scotty who did outside video on many of the students AFF levels.

August 2007

2PARA, organised by Adam Wilson came to Skydive Spain at the beginning of August. The exped had arranged BPA Instructors John Horne and Dick Kalinski to take 5 on the AFF course. Adam got some FF coaching and Chris took the FS1 Course.

July 2007

An RAF Exped of 6 joined us for the AFF course this month. They quickly progressed through the course, with 4 of the 6 completing the first 6 levels by the end of the second days jumping and doing their level 8 – Hop ‘n’ Pop on day 3.

March 2007

For 2-weeks in March, a group of 12 RAF organised by Daz Thomas arrived at the dropzone. With 10 enrolled on the AFF Course, and two experienced jumpers for Freeflying and fun jumps. All 10 successfully passing the AFF Course before completing their consolidation jumps, including some comedy exits.

November 2006

Paul Moore brought a group of his staff from RAPA in Germany for some training. An advance party of two arrived on the 9th with most others arriving on the 10th. Averaging around 5 jumps a day they have been achieving a lot. With such a large group, it is hard to find accommodation to suit them. Luckily they all stayed in the Gines house near the dropzone. It has 8 rooms all en-suite!

October 2006

In October a group of 9 AFF Students organised by Richard Lewis came to Skydive Spain. They came from the 13th to 28th October. All the students completed Levels 1 – 8 in 3.5 jumping days. Congratulations to Rich Lewis, Rick Harrap, Robbie Mullany, Katie White, Dean Medhurst, David Graham, Louise Buxton & Jon Purchase. 4 of the group also returned to the dropzone in November to complete their consolidation jumps.

April 2006

During April, Aron Jones and Steve Jelf brought out the Silver Stars display team for some pre-season training. They practiced CREW, flag jumps, 4-way and 8-way. In addition, Ian Cashman, Adele Murray and Dean Hoskins trained a group of 7 AFF students.

February 2006

The 6 RAPA guys have left Skydive Spain today and completed a total of 251 skydives during their trip. Mike Gouldstone and John Bishop left a week earlier due to Military commitments but not before Mike had completed the AFF levels needed and most of his consolidation jumps. 4-way training with Paul, Opi, Iain and Stu continued and the guys also enjoyed some Canopy coaching from Brian Vacher of SafeFlight School and Iain and Stu some Freefly coaching from Jim Harris of Space Freefly School. Paul, Iain and Stu also spent half a day doing the Birdman ground school with instructor Alex Thomson and all completed their first wingsuit jump and many more. It was a pleasure to have all of you on the DZ and we hope to see you again soon.

January 2006

A group from Bad Lippspringe have arrived at Skydive Spain on the afternoon of Tuesday January 24th for some pre-season 4way training and a bit of AFF. Paul Moore the Commandant at JSPC, Lippspring is doing 4-way with his CCI Dave (Opi) Openshaw, Stuart Storey and Iain Anderson.
Mike Gouldstone, Commanding Officer of Adventurous Training Group of Germany has been participating in AFF Level 4 onwards with instructor John Bishop.

December 2005

We recently had a jumper called George come over from the UK. He serves with the Greek Paras and is currently based in the UK. During his time at Skydive Spain he completed AFF levels 1 to 8 and his consolidation jumps in 3 days!

October 2005

Some dropzones simply put an advertisement on their website claiming to support military training with no experience. Skydive Spain has just finished running an Accelerated Freefall course for the RAF during October. Six AFF students and seven experienced jumpers took advantage of the Spanish sunshine to take up skydiving. Ian Cashman led the RAF group (ex-national Army 4-way team member) providing his experience as their BPA Advanced Instructor. Duncan McGregor put work in to organise his group with our dropzone.

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