Looking back at our Xmas Boogie! By Marino Kalligas

Friday, January 21, 2022

X-Mas Boogie 2021! What a blast!

Great jumps, amazing people, wonderful dropzone, superb social events! What more can a skydiver ask for during his holidays?

It was a super big pleasure to jump with everyone who came to the event, share the plane with everyone, see the smiling faces and feel the good vibes. The first couple of days we had some weather holds which actually worked perfectly since we got a chance to review safety rules for all kinds of jumps and canopy flying.

We got a few jumps in but Day 03 was when it got super crazy and the 4 amazing Dorniers were flying up and down non stop. The pilots were absolute legends, giving us lifts all day long, without a second to spare. Ground control was on it, looking after our safety at all times and helping us get ready for the next load. Manifest made sure everyone was getting on loads as quickly as possible, while the amazing packers were on fire getting all the rigs ready on time. A very smooth operation from start to finish. Ow, and this year, after the end of the day, the Skydive Spain Social Butterfly extraordinaire Jeralee was there to look after everyone and sort out an amazing dinner!

It’s not surprising that so many people got 10 jumps on the daily! All the participants were buzzing and the energy was so good, that the jumps rolled on amazingly and effortlessly.

I loved working alongside the amazing staff at SDS and along with such amazing Load Organisers. It was my first time working with Julian Barthel, Andreas Mosling and Jakub Organista. I have to say that it was a blast! And of course it was great to be organising again with the old Xmas Boogie Organising crew Simon Wandeler and Adrian Daszkowski, as well as with Carlos Avilés and Matthias Walde.

Special shoutout goes out to Regan Tetlow for whom unfortunately it was impossible to attend due to technical reasons, but we had a little online meeting! 🙂

Can´t wait for Xmas Boogie 2022, with all the amazing participants, organisers and DZ Staff!

Happy 2022 everyone!!

Marino Kalligas (Madrid Fly) – Xmas Boogie 2021 Load Organizer –

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