Skydiving Gift Vouchers

Give the Gift They'll Never Forget

Tandem Gift Vouchers

Do you want to surprise somebody special with something to remember forever?

Giving a jump from 15.000 feet, a full minute of pure adrenaline in free-fall at 120mph, followed by 8 minutes of quiet and pleasant flight under a parachute is something definetely special.

You can buy your gift voucher either if you already have a date decided or if you want to buy it with an open date (gift vouchers are valid for a year from the date of purchase).

You can easily buy your voucher online now by selecting one of the options below. You will receive your gift voucher automatically after you complete the purchase!

Note: Payments are not refundable for any reason. Gift vouchers name change is available upon request.

Please review the tandem restrictions before you purchase the tandem voucher here.

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15K Tandem – Gift Voucher

15,000ft tandem skydive / Gift voucher

From 229€

15K Tandem Gift Voucher + Instructor Handycam

15K Tandem Gift Voucher + Instructor Handycam | Handicam video + 80 photos on USB + freefall certificate

From 303€

15K Tandem Gift Voucher + Professional Camera Flyer

15K Tandem Gift Voucher + Professional Camera Flyer | Interact with your personal external camera flyer | HD video on USB | 80+ photos on USB | Freefall certificate

From 328€

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