New access to Airfield

Thursday, July 1, 2021

We want to let you know that the airfield has a new system for opening the entrance gate.
We are only permitted to open the gate electronically for tandem customers who arrive and leave on the same day and visit only once.
All other customers must obtain an activation code for the app SCLAK, and you will be able to open the gate from your mobile device.
This code can be obtained from the airfield office, next to the airfield Parking (not the DZ office) 09:00-14:00 or you can email us confirming your full name, email address and mobile number and we have the airfield email you the links for the app and your user activation code.  We require a minimum of 72 hours notice to make this procedure by email.
From the moment of activation, you receive 1 month use free of charge.
If you continue to require access to the airfield, you will need to visit the airfield office (next to the airfield parking) to obtain a new code, at the cost of 10€ per year.

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