Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The freeFly Family has been organizing tunnel camps for 8 years now : Russia, Slovakia, and Germany with the Kung Fu Flying Academy (all the time Hurricane Factory wind tunnels).

We wanted to organize something outdoor for a while but it didnt happen before. In may 2019, the time was right and we took it to the sky. The idea was to make a skill camp for more high skilled flyers than beginners. Why? Simply because there are a lot of events where everybody can improve but less for good flyers, at least in Europe. We didn´t say there are none, just less! The minimum requirements were the followings : Flying on belly and back in angle in your quadrant, and being able to dock head up or head down (flying safe of course was of course on top of that). At Skydive Spain (sevilla), we gathered 36 flyers from all over: China, US, Israel, Europe, one video man (Ewan Cowie) and 6 rock stars L.O’s: Claudio Cagnasso, Rafael Schwaiger, Fabian Raidel, Ally Milne, Aurelien Marquet et Vincent Cotte.

So to answer everybody ‘s question: The format will stay the same (with even a higher requirement entrance) but more likely the second Sky-Masûtra will happen in 2021. The good news is that you have plenty of time to improve (KFFA?!) for the next one that will be no ordinary skill camp… Because here, at the Family, we don´t like to do like everybody else! So stay tune, dont miss the notification and join the special group.

Check out the video on our facebook page or on youtube.

Special thanks to the L.O’s for trusting us in doing our first outdoor event (massive thank and hats off to Rafa for getting back to the sky with us after his break) and thank you to our partners as well: Skydive Spain, all Hurricane factory wind tunnels (Tatralandia, Berlin, Madrid and Prague) and UPT Vector, NZ aerosports, Vigil AAD, Deem, Cookie, DC and Airplug….

Text : Xavier Leonti

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