Formation skydiving, Freefly & Wingsuit


If you are looking for a destination where you can jump most days, have the most day light hours in Europe and jump from 15.000ft. * (Temporarily flying up to 13,000ft. due to an AESA air restriction) to get the most of your coaching jumps, we are exactly what you are looking for.

Our team of instructors is available throughout the year to give you the coaching you need. Simply send us an email with the type of coaching that you want to book and your dates, and our booking office will be happy to arrange your coaching.

We remind you that we have at your disposal the possibility of planning the rest of your trip through our website. Book your accommodation, rental car or taxi with just a few click in the following link: Plan your visit to Skydive Spain.

Freefly, FS & Wingsuit Coaching Prices

Coaching PackagesPrice
Single Coached Skydive 1-on-1 - Freefly, FS or Wingsuit
On-site Purchase Only
10-jump Coached Package 1-on-1 - Freefly or FS
On-site Purchase Only
1-jump Wingsuit Introductory Course - Groundschool + coached jump - Wingsuit
On-site Purchase Only

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