Terms and Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

  • The final decision on your suitability to skydive rests entirely with the centre and instructors and you must comply with the centre’s rules at all times. 


  • Tandem instructors are properly licensed and that this license includes Third Party Liability insurance which covers him/her and his/hers passenger in the case of negligence. In the case of any injury that would require medical attention the Tandem passenger would cover the costs until responsibility is established. In the case the tandem passenger wants additional coverage they may become a member of Federación Andaluza de Deportes Aéreos for an additional cost. 


  • There is a weight limit of 110 Kgs. This weight is clothing and footwear. The passenger will be weighed on the day of the skydive in our office. Passengers weighing between 95kg and 110kg will be charged an extra €45. All tandem passengers are subject to a physical assessment regardless of their weight.


  • If you fail to turn up on the day without giving at least 48hrs notice you may forfeit your skydive and be lose your deposit.


  • Promotional prices are valid for tandem skydives completed during the promotion period, no matter the date on which the reservation is made. Promotions cannot be combined in any way with any other discounts.  


  • Unless otherwise specified, gift certificates are not included in the tandem promotions


  • You may cancel your reservation and move it to another day within the promotional period with a minimum of 48 hours in advance. If the booking is moved to a date outside the promotion period you will not receive the promotional price. 


  • If bad weather prevents you from jumping a new date can be arranged to mutual convenience. No refunds are offered for not jumping due to bad weather. And please notice that postponed jumps due to bad weather conditions could affect the price if you are taking a promotion subject to conditions. 


  • Gift vouchers must be paid in full when booking and are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Should you wish to extend the gift certificate there is a 50 € charge for a 3 month extension. Only one extension is permitted per gift certificate. Gift vouchers are not refundable in any case.


  • Any charity jumps and funds raised should be with express permission from the chosen charity.


  • Be sure to read your confirmation letter in full, remember your arrival time is not your time of jumping. Skydive Spain does have some busy days when there may be a wait of 4-6 hours, please ensure you have sufficient time for your experience. For this reason we do not recommend bringing young children or elderly people to wait with you.


  • We cannot guarantee the number of tandem customers jumping on each flight, there are too many variables which dictate the order which customers jump and number of customers on any one flight. For this reason you should be prepared that you may be on a flight with no other tandem customer.


  • If you have asked for equipment hire and/or video or photographs of my jump(s), be sure to read and accept the terms and conditions displayed in/given by the office.


  • Promotions carried out directly by Skydive Spain are not applicable for collaborating agents or agencies. 

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