Level Up Freefly Week

Monday, March 5, 2018

Introducing Level Up Freefly Week – a Freefly event from the new Skydive Spain Freefly School!

What is it? 
One week of intense freefly coaching and load organising with Matty Mitchell, Zemi and more.

During this week, you can book them for coaching 1 on 1, join a group he’s load organising, or book him for the full day for yourself, or split the cost amongst friends.

To book, simply email info@skydivespain.com or book directly at the DZ office, providing the following info:

– Dates
– Name of jumper(s)
– Type of coaching required (e.g. full day coaching; 3x coaching jumps 1-1; group of 3 jumpers booking coach for the day)

If you want to make a group to hire a coach for the day but are not sure your level is good enough, you must clear this with the coaches directly at the DZ and then book the coaching accordingly.


All dates 2018:

2-6 April / ZEMI
9-15 April / Matty Mitchell
30 April – 4th May / ZEMI
7-11 May / Matty Mitchell
4-8 June / Matty Mitchell
3-7 September / ZEMI
8-12 October / ZEMI
29 Oct – 2 Nov / ZEMI
5-9 November / Steve Howes
26 – 30 November / ZEMI



Skydive Spain is located in Southern Spain, 20 minutes from the beatiful city of Seville. We take you to 15,000 feet every single load from one of our Dornier G92 aircraft. High level freeflying, FS, Wingsuit, team training. Perfect dropzone for any time of the year and forany level of jumper, whether you’re just starting your tandem or AFF courses, or have been legendary since day one, Skydive Spain is your dropzone.

We go big and we go hard at Skydive Spain. Open all year with stunning weather, two large hangars, and all the altitude you need for some serious skydiving fun. Christmas boogies, Freefly events, FS events, one on one coaching and we offer training for BPA and USPA skydiving licenses.

Come to Skydive Spain, jump in the sun, be epic.

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