Boarding Call

Friday, March 10, 2017

We know that some of you are still experiencing cold weather, so we want to be sure you know there’s a warm place for you near Seville where the sky is blue and filled with canopies, you hear the sweet sound of manifest calling out boarding calls and the day ends with Cruzcampos and a magnificent sunset while you sit around plastic chairs and tables with 40 of your newest, closest friends. That place is Skydive Spain. And, we’re waiting for you.

March is a busy month. We have a lot of groups visiting and making as many jumps as they can squeeze into the 11 hour jump days. Starting this weekend, we’ll be flying three Dorniers off and on, so if you want to come burn through some jump tickets, you’ll have plenty of loads to choose from!

Last month was pretty awesome. If you jumped here and left your videos in our monthly video drive, you’re probably in the latest and greatest: 


February 2017 at Skydive Spain! Jump in the sun! from Swallow Group on Vimeo.

Tip! When you let our booking office know you’re headed our way, they do their best to make sure enough aircraft are scheduled for your stay. If enough skydivers do this, we know how many groups and jumpers to welcome every day and can plan accordingly. Plus, we can let you know which days are busiest (i.e. more loads!) so you can also plan your trip. Booking office can be emailed via

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Come fly with us soon!


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