Celebrating the championship achieved by the Semotrial school

Thursday, December 14, 2023

We are very proud to be sponsors of the Semotrial motocross school and all that they have achieved this year.

In this school, riders who are passionate about motorbikes are involved in teaching the youngest riders, beyond knowledge and experience, the values of this discipline.

The Andalusian Trial Championship had a weekend full of great moments in Alhaurín El Grande (Málaga) with a rocky and irregular terrain, full of steep slopes that were one of the biggest challenges of the day.

The day saw the end of the season and the champions of all categories were crowned.

Congratulations to Sergio Moreno, who was proclaimed TR1 champion and his son Héctor, Andalusian champion in the children’s category.



We could also see the little ones showing their passion for this sport. Here you can watch a video about the last competition. We hope you have a Happy Holidays and that 2024 brings us great news!


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