European Skydiving Symposium 2026: Seville!

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

The European Skydiving Symposium is coming to Seville!
We are very happy to announce that Skydive Spain will be co-organizing the European Skydiving Symposium event in 2026, which will take place in Seville.
We will be sharing lots of information in the upcoming months. We are very much looking forward to co-organize this extraordinary event and we look forward to seeing you there.


We were honored to participate last week in this year´s ESS. The event was an absolute success, with more than 700 participants from 32 different nationalities, 34 dropzones and over 40 companies exhibiting and 64 partners on site in total from our industry, such as UPT, Cypres, Vigil, Performance Designs, and many others.

The different seminars throughout the event were superb. The different speakers brought their knowledge to enlighten the audience, which every day filled the seminar rooms for the near 50 talks that were hosted in the event.

The Expo area was a great addition to the seminars, where different companies were able to display some of the efforts they put into their everyday work, to stand as top players in our industry.

We couldn’t recommend this event enough for all the different agents that are part of our wonderful sport. Leading companies that provide different equipment, accessories and technology, start-ups that are just getting started, dropzones, military organizations and skydivers from all levels, the European Skydiving Symposium is a unique opportunity that we should all embrace every other year to continue developing our wonderful sport.

Make sure you follow ESS in their different channels for upcoming updates!:

We are very much looking forward to the next edition in Sevilla. A great event, an outstanding city and a dropzone available where skydiving never ends, sounds like a superb formula to enjoy a great ESS in 2026. See you there!

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