So You Want To Become A Skydiver?

Friday, July 13, 2018

So you want to become a skydiver and you’re not sure how to get your skydiving licence? We’ve got you covered.

Skydive Spain offer a full AFF course all year round so you can learn the essentials of skydiving in a safe, professional and fun environment. AFF, which stands for Accelerated Freefall, is the most modern and globally recognised way to learn how to skydive and get your skydiving licence. At our dropzone, you’ll learn all aspects of safely flying in the sky, covering body position, altitude awareness, how to fly your parachute and how to land safely. You will learn in a small group setting with dedicated professional skydiving instructors to guide you through ground school training and in air training.

We believe in customer experience. At Skydive Spain, we take the time to train each of our students in a way that encourages the most learning and progression in the sport. With over 25 years of experience in skydiving and a team of professionals from around the world, our AFF program is one of the most sought after in Europe.

The best part? At Skydive Spain we experience nearly perfect weather all year long. Skydiving is weather dependent, but when you’re located in southern Spain with warm temperatures you’ve got a high chance that you’ll be jumping all day long.

For more information about our AFF course, or to learn more about skydiving with us, visit our AFF page. You can also contact us directly with any questions. Our team is here to answer any questions you may need. Simply call us or email us at

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We hope to see you soon in sunny Spain!

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